EVsunPlug’s Founder Educates on Going Electric: Is it worth it?

EVsunPlug's Founder Educates on Going Electric Is it worth it
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By: Maria Williams 

Transportation has experienced a significant evolution in the 21st century. Today’s modern era reflects a shift toward eco-friendly vehicles spurred by a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability and efficiency. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that by 2030, there will be 33 million electric vehicles (EVs) on the road, meaning that 28 million EV charging ports will need to be built to support them.

This surge in popularity highlights a broader societal desire to curb traditional gas-guzzling cars and combat climate change. And testimonials from EV owners, like entrepreneur Kevin Cajas, attest the various benefits of EV ownership: “No more gas station visits, enhanced vehicle performance, and reduced maintenance.” However, with more consumers leveraging the green benefits of EVs, one notable hurdle remains: The absence of fast-charging options. 

The Levels of EV charging

Put simply, EV charging is split into three levels: 

Level 1: ‘Slow’ 120v AC charging that takes up to 12 hours and usually occurs at home. 

Level 2: ‘Medium’ 240v AC charging that takes between four to eight hours and is available at workplaces or shopping malls. 

Level 3: Direct current (DC) ‘fast’ charging, which takes less than 30 minutes and is typically available at stations near highways and expressways to recharge EVs for long-distance travel. 

However, there is currently a lack of DC charging available, fueling what is commonly termed “range anxiety” among drivers. In response to this escalating need, EVsunPlug has arisen as an advocate for easy access to a fast EV charging experience. 

The benefits of fast charging

EVsunPlug is a startup venture that is boldly stepping up to establish an EV fast charge station network to fill the need created by the rapidly increasing number of EVs on the roads. With a mission to match the efficiency of traditional gas stations, alleviate range anxiety, and ensure cost-effective operations for EV owners.

EVsunPlug's Founder Educates on Going Electric Is it worth it
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EVsunPlugs’ innovative strategy lies in providing an extensive DC fast charge network across Illinois and beyond—ensuring widespread access to swift and dependable charging facilities. 

Unlike conventional level one and two charging methods, EVsunPlug’s fast charging stations can recharge an electric vehicle in under 30 minutes. That unparalleled speed grants drivers peace of mind to embark on lengthy journeys without fretting over power depletion. Their charging network also adheres to evolving US legislation and guidelines, such as the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure program. With a commitment to quality at EVsunPlug’s core, the company ensures adherence to the highest safety and reliability standards, delivering speed without sacrificing safety.

EVsunPlug is poised to play a key role in shaping the future of EV charging. A distinguished force in the space, EVsunPlug is set apart from its competitors due to the speed and convenience of its offerings. 

According to CEO John Llewellyn Thompson, “The company’s dedication to providing charging times of less than 30 minutes, coupled with a diverse range of plug options catering to various electric vehicle models, proves EVsunPlug reliably delivers an effortlessly smooth and superior charging experience that prioritizes hassle-free efficiency and ease of purchase.” 

With the electric vehicle market growing exponentially, the demand for dependable and quick charging options will continue to rise. EVsunPlug remains equipped to meet customers’ charging needs and spearhead the drive toward a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future.

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