Eric Martel on How to Bring Real Estate Dreams Alive and Achieve Financial Freedom

The average person might believe that real estate is reserved to the super-rich, however Eric Martel has defied this concept by bridging the wealth gap in order to include buyers from broader sectors.. Through his real estate firm, MartelTurnkey, he’s set to show anyone who is interested in achieving financially using the goldmine that is real estate investment .

Eric Martel surely did not start with a ton of money when he got into real estate. At the age of 18, he purchased his first apartment building and the process was beyond what most people would be willing to endure. “If you do not take the leap, you will get nothing done. I used a bank mortgage and a seller’s note to secure financing to get my first property,” he said. His experience proves that choosing the right strategy is the key factor that will determine the success of an investor’s journey to the top.

A few years after his foray into real estate, the Dotcom crash of 2001 cost him millions. Eric, being a person who’s big on passive investments, circled back to real estate and that brought MartelTurnkey to life. Even though MartelTurnkey was his way of starting from scratch, his beginning doesn’t look like the average first time investor. His vast business experience is how Eric is able to guide others towards their own success stories. Today, the company has grown into a massive real estate company with a presence in multiple states and cities.

On more than one occasion Eric Martel has proved that a lot of money is not the only recipe or requirement for success, even though it makes it a lot easier. More often than not, knowledge and a strong will to succeed takes the cake and can make the difference for anybody. With this in mind, he has established a coaching and mentoring program that provides anyone with all of the resources they need in order to succeed in the real estate world. The coaching program features one-on-one coaching sessions and delivers different learning materials and real estate reports. Students also get access to a comprehensive directory of real estate professionals, loan officers, mortgage brokers and a host of other entities that make real estate investment possible.

His inspiration for pushing his real estate ideas is the desire to make sure people have all they need to live through retirement. His book Stop Trading Your Time for Money addresses the essential principles for entrepreneurship and real estate investing. He aims to secure people on the path towards building generational wealth while revolutionizing how people invest in real estate. “Real Estate is here to stay. A home will always be an important thing for everyone, either by owning or renting one. That will never change,” Eric said. The real estate mogul encourages buyers to start their journey as soon as possible.Learn more about Eric Martel and his work at MartelTurnkey on the company’s website. Get access to his coaching programs and content on his website and social media platforms via YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.


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