Eradicating Turnover and Boosting Productivity: The Team Engage Method for Mental Health Awareness Month

Mike Draper
Photo Credited to Dillon Vibes

In today’s high-paced corporate world, mental well-being is not just a trending topic, but a vital determinant of an organization’s success. The significance of mental health, especially concerning employee retention, is increasingly apparent in recent studies made by the National Library of Medicine.

The relationship between employee mental health and job performance has been one of the key concerns in workplace science 2021. The data paints a stark picture: mental health issues rank among the top three reasons for employee turnover. Astonishingly, about 50% of millennials and 75% of Gen-Zers have exited roles in the past primarily due to mental health challenges.[1]  This churn doesn’t merely disrupt team dynamics; it has tangible fiscal implications, draining the U.S. economy of a staggering $1 trillion annually in terms of lost productivity. [2]

Against this somber backdrop, the dynamic duo of Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper offer a ray of hope with their groundbreaking initiative for company’s: Team Engage

We are disrupting the space with the most advanced human development techniques, next-level sales training and little-known social media strategies to explode a company’s growth.” Danelle Delgado.

The Draper-Delgado Dynamo

“When a company doesn’t address the heart of the matter, Mental health issues often surge when employees find themselves lost in the vast corporate machine, feeling disconnected or underappreciated,” expresses co-founder Mike Draper.  

Mike, who has a multifaceted journey spanning roles as an Air Force vet, a SWAT officer, and a real estate magnate, commands an influential digital presence, engaging nearly a million online social followers. In a contrasting, yet complementary vein, Danelle Delgado showcases unmatched prowess derived from her extensive tenure with industry stalwarts and her game-changing online business training ventures.

When such titans collaborate, the outcome is bound to be extraordinary. Enter Team Engage, a vanguard initiative tailored to reshape workplace mental wellness.

The Team Engage Paradigm

Recognizing that employee mental health and well-being are paramount to a company’s success, Team Engage has positioned itself as a trailblazer. Their dedication stems from a profound understanding of the intricate link between mental wellness and peak productivity. Their distinctive “13 Rules of Engagement Training System” embodies this belief. “This approach goes beyond conventional training, seamlessly integrating fun, engagement, and ‘edu-tainment’ to comprehensively support employees in life, work, and relationships,” remarks Draper.

For instance, Delgado’s collaboration with Carter Myers Automotive over the past four years stands as a testament to Team Engage’s effectiveness. In a recent interview, Liza Borches stated, “Since partnering with Danelle in 2019, our company has undergone a significant rebranding, solidifying our mission, vision, values, and purpose. The outcomes generated by our team can be directly attributed to our work with Danelle. Employee turnover has significantly decreased by an admirable 81%, our workforce has grown by 41%, and, most notably, our revenue and bottom-line profits have surged by a remarkable 110%. Danelle has transformed our managers into true leaders.”

The Broader Impact

For corporations, the equation is lucid: Enhanced mental wellness translates to a contented, efficient workforce, culminating in diminished turnover and amplified profits. For the workforce, the effects are transformative, presenting an opportunity to reinvigorate their professional lives, find genuine satisfaction in their roles, and strike a coveted work-life harmony.

As we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s pivotal to champion and amplify endeavors akin to Team Engage. With burgeoning evidence underscoring the intricate interplay between mental health and workplace efficacy, the corporate realm stands at an inflection point. Team Engage, with its innovative approach intertwining profitability with well-being, could very well chart the future course.

While the global community grapples with the multifaceted challenges ushered in by mental health dilemmas, luminaries like Danelle Delgado and Mike Draper illuminate the path. Through Team Engage, they’re not merely crafting a blueprint for businesses; they’re spearheading a transformative shift ensuring a brighter, healthier tomorrow for companies ready for change.

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