Entrepreneur & Lawyer Angela Giampolo Shares Three Tips For Living A More Congruent Life

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Angela Giampolo is an award-winning lawyer, LGBTQ+ advocate, and senior chihuahua rescuer. With a background serving in various NGOs combating human trafficking and genocide, Angela has always been committed to helping others who were unable to help themselves – something that she has seen as her calling since a child. Nowadays, she is committed to helping those both in the LGBTQ+ community and outside of it to lay down their masks and be more authentically themselves in order to live more fulfilled and happy lives. Currently working on her first book on the topic, Giampolo shares three tips for living a more congruent life…

Tip #1: Embrace Your Inner Truths:

According to a study completed by Columbia University, the average human holds 13 significant secrets – not minor infractions but more so relationship-altering circumstances. For Angela, the first step to living a happier, more congruent life is letting go of as many of those secrets as possible. Imagine a world where everyone could ‘come out’ about their personal truths, no matter what they are,” she says. The weight of these untold truths can be burdensome and the liberation experienced from disclosing them is transformative – making us lighter, happier, and more genuine. If everyone could shed their fears and embrace their truths, the world would be a place of less hate and more compassion and understanding.

Tip #2: Pursue Congruency Over Simple Alignment:

While many talk about the importance of alignment in life, Giampolo emphasizes the power of congruency, not just alignment. “To be aligned means to be in line with one’s beliefs and actions,” she notes, “But congruency is multi-dimensional. It’s about everything working in harmony from your beliefs, your actions, your thoughts to your environment and how you live your day-to-day life.”  Simply put, while alignment is beneficial, pursuing congruency ensures that every facet of your life resonates with your true self, leading to a holistic sense of fulfillment.

Tip #3: Embrace Vulnerability as Your Guidepost:

Giampolo passionately believes that vulnerability is the linchpin to achieving congruence. “To live in congruence, you must be willing to shed the layers of shame and guilt and to expose your authentic self that you’ve been masking to the world.” she states. 

This journey of self-discovery encompasses two core aspects: the courage to be exposed and the risk of being perceived differently by those that we love once we unmask our true selves. But, it is in this space of vulnerability that we discover our true selves, unfettered by societal expectations or self-imposed limitations.” Being vulnerable and open is essential to living a purposeful and meaningful life.

In Summary

The world is always pushing you to fit in and to bury secrets that others may view as bad, weird or strange. But oftentimes, letting those secrets out and embracing every part of who you are is the key to congruence and finding deep fulfillment in life. 

As Angela Giampolo poignantly puts it, “[b]y turning our secrets into superpowers and embracing vulnerability, we not only find our true selves but also inspire countless others along the way.”

Angela Giampolo is a highly accomplished lawyer, a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, and loves living life with her senior Chihuahua, Niko. If you are interested in hearing more about her and her tips for living a congruent life, follow her on Instagram or visit her website for more information about her law firm


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