Empowering Women Leaders: Lessons from Esther and Ruth for Today’s Challenges

Empowering Women Leaders Lessons from Esther and Ruth for Today’s Challenges
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

In the ever-evolving arena of leadership and societal contribution, few stories resonate with the power and depth akin to that of Dr. Sarah Sun Liew. Her multifaceted journey through realms of education, politics, business, and faith encapsulates a tale of personal achievement and serves as a guiding light for aspiring leaders across the globe. Dr. Liew’s life work, underscored by her profound insights into biblical narratives, particularly those of Esther and Ruth, offers a perspective on leadership that marries faith-based wisdom with contemporary challenges.

Dr. Sarah Sun Liew’s seminal contribution, “Guidance from the Past, Vision for the Future: Biblical Leadership in Today’s World,” stands as a testament to her belief in the enduring relevance of biblical principles in guiding modern-day leaders. Through Global Jesus Mission empowering business leaders for Kingdom impact, Dr. Liew delves into these age-old stories to distill principles of courage, innovation, and resilience—qualities that she embodies in her diverse roles ranging from a senior pastor to a U.S. Senate candidate.

The narratives of Esther and Ruth are particularly illuminating; they showcase courage in adversity and strategic insight and loyalty amidst uncertainty—traits essential for today’s leadership landscape. Esther’s story is emblematic of how strategic thinking and influence can be wielded effectively even within restrictive societal structures—a lesson in advocacy and timing critical for women leaders today. Ruth’s journey, on the other hand, epitomizes adaptability and proactive initiative—key attributes for anyone looking to make a mark in leadership roles.

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Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

Drawing parallels between these ancient exemplars and modern-day challenges women leaders face underscores Dr. Liew’s argument: integrity, resilience, and strategic foresight are indispensable tools in overcoming obstacles such as gender bias and societal expectations.

Moreover, both Esther’s and Ruth’s stories highlight the indispensable role of community support and mentorship—a theme that resonates deeply with Dr. Liew’s own path to leadership. Her relationships with mentors like Mordecai (for Esther) or Naomi (for Ruth) reflect Dr. Liew’s engagement with communities through mentorship roles across various organizations, including Global Jesus Mission Church or Meridian Business Legal Investment Wish Foundation Inc., among others.

Dr. Liew’s commitment to empowerment extends beyond mere rhetoric; it is embodied in her multifarious activities aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion across sectors—an extension of the virtues championed by Esther and Ruth.


As individuals navigate through an introduction to her political ambitions underpinned by robust community involvement—including her tenure as pastor at Global Jesus Mission Church—what emerges is a portrait of an individual whose life is devoted to service-driven leadership.

Her educational background further complements this narrative, holding degrees from prestigious institutions such as Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School, and MIT Sloan School of Management, each contributing towards shaping a leader adept at navigating political landscapes and entrepreneurial ventures.

In her candidacy for the U.S Senate position—as reflected through platforms like www.sarahsenator.org. Liew champions causes aimed at justice prevention and poverty alleviation while supporting educational endeavors via platforms like Meridian Institute of Technology or MPS Merchant Services Group which underpin her vision for economic growth through investment immigration strategies that aim to provide job creation.

The culmination of this narrative does not merely present individuals with an accomplished individual but rather encourages them to reflect on how ancient wisdom, when coupled with contemporary knowledge, can forge paths toward transformative leadership.

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Photo Courtesy: Dr. Sarah Sun Liew

In drawing inspiration from figures like Esther and Ruth while navigating through complex terrains of modern governance or community service—as demonstrated by Dr.Liew—people are reminded that true leadership transcends time; it is about forging connections, fostering growth developing strategic foresight, all while grounded in unwavering integrity resilience—a blueprint indeed for aspiring leaders everywhere.


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