Empowering Employees: The Caged Bird HR Revolution

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For those with an eye on the industry, where companies are constantly adapting to new challenges and opportunities, one aspect has remained relatively stagnant for decades: Human Resources (HR). HR is an essential function in any organization, responsible for managing employee relations, addressing concerns, and ensuring a harmonious work environment. However, the traditional HR model often leaves employees feeling trapped, with limited options for seeking guidance and support. That’s where Caged Bird HR steps in to redefine the HR experience. 

Introducing Caged Bird HR

“Caged Bird HR is the bridge between employees and the support they truly deserve,” Cierra Gross begins. Caged Bird HR, spearheaded by its founder and CEO Cierra Gross, has redefined the HR experience. The name itself resonates with the idea of freedom, symbolizing the liberation it offers employees. Traditional HR models have often left employees feeling confined, with limited options for seeking guidance and support. Caged Bird HR dismantles these barriers and opens up new avenues for employees to take control of their careers.

In an environment where accessing HR support often means navigating one’s company HR department or consulting with legal advisors, Caged Bird HR presents a revitalizing choice. Situated at the intersection, it grants employees entry to autonomous HR experts dedicated exclusively to their needs and aspirations, without the influence of organizational biases or conflicting interests. “We’re not here to protect any organization; we’re here to support our clients exclusively,” she emphasizes.

The Visionary Behind the Revolution: Cierra Gross

Leading this revolution is Cierra Gross, a woman of remarkable accomplishments and unwavering dedication. Her journey from studying political science to becoming a highly sought-after HR professional is nothing short of extraordinary. Cierra’s career took her to renowned companies like ExxonMobil and Google, where her contributions to HR were substantial. 

Speaking about her passion, Cierra says, “I’m really passionate about a lot of things—racial justice, LGBTQ+ equality, mental health, and wellness. These are movements I believe more people should fight for.”

Yet, what sets Cierra apart is her commitment to making a difference in the lives of employees. Having experienced workplace trauma and discrimination herself, she understands the challenges faced by many employees, particularly those from marginalized backgrounds. Her dedication to racial justice, LGBTQ+ equality, and mental health wellness is not just admirable; it’s a testament to her indomitable spirit.

Empowering Employees to Thrive

Caged Bird HR’s mission is clear: to empower employees with the knowledge, guidance, and resources they need to thrive in their professional journeys. Cierra elaborates, “We educate employees on the HR processes and what to expect in a lower-risk environment. We’re not incentivized to protect any company, giving us the freedom to provide employees the information they need without judgment or fear of job loss.” The company recognizes that employees often have unique concerns and questions that require confidential and unbiased advice. To address this, Caged Bird HR has assembled a network of experienced and certified HR professionals who are ready to provide personalized support.

One of the key innovations introduced by Caged Bird HR is the ability for employees to connect with an independent HR consultant at their convenience. This eliminates the need to navigate the complexities of their organization’s HR department, where conflicts of interest may arise. Instead, employees can engage in open and honest discussions about workplace policies, career development, performance management, conflict resolution, and more, all within a secure and confidential environment. 

 “Our platform offers a secure and confidential environment,” Cierra explains, “where employees can discuss workplace policies, career development, conflict resolution, and more.”

A Personal Journey Turned Mission

Cierra shares a deeply personal story of her own workplace trauma, leading her to launch Caged Bird HR. She recounts, “Despite my accomplishments, I faced discrimination. I was called an ‘angry black woman’ in a meeting, and that was a turning point. I decided I had to fight for accountability, and that fight led to clinical depression for nearly a year.” In that dark period, she made a promise to help others facing similar challenges.

Her own experiences with workplace discrimination and the toll it took on her mental health served as the catalyst for this groundbreaking initiative. The dark period of depression she endured became a turning point, leading her to make a promise to herself and to others who may be facing similar challenges.

Today, Caged Bird HR is more than just a company; it’s a beacon of hope for employees in Corporate America who deserve the support they rarely receive. It’s a testament to the belief that every individual is worthy of guidance and empowerment, regardless of their background or circumstances.

“This company is a love letter to myself and to black women experiencing the worst corporate experiences,” Cierra reflects. “It’s a reminder that we all deserve the support we rarely receive.”

Breaking the setting where employees often feel trapped by the limitations of traditional HR support, Caged Bird HR emerges as a game-changer. It offers a lifeline to employees, providing them with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of the workplace. Under the visionary leadership of Cierra Gross, Caged Bird HR is not only transforming HR services but also changing lives.

As Cierra Gross and Caged Bird HR continue to change the landscape, one thing is clear: the caged bird is finally free. Employees have access to the guidance and support they deserve, thanks to Cierra’s dedication and her visionary company. In Cierra’s words, “We’re transforming HR services and changing lives.”

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