Embracing Change and Living the Luxurious Lifestyle: The Rise of Eli Geller and The Lifestyle Group

The Lifestyle Group
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In today’s rapidly changing world, adaptability is the key to success, and few understand this better than Eli Geller, the visionary entrepreneur from Miami, who is revolutionizing the lifestyle and travel services industry. As the founder of The Lifestyle Group, Geller’s mission is to help people organize their private and luxurious lives, from planning extravagant vacations to obtaining second citizenship and purchasing real estate in foreign countries. This article delves into the inspiring story of Eli Geller and how his company is leading the way in offering exclusive and personalized services to a distinguished clientele.

The Lifestyle Group
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The Beginnings

Eli Geller’s journey began in the compliance department of the Société Générale Bank, where he spent seven years climbing the corporate ladder from an ordinary employee to the head of the department. Despite the success, he realized that his true passion lay beyond the confines of an office building. Geller’s childhood experiences of traveling around Europe and cruising with his parents instilled in him a wanderlust that continued to grow as he visited an impressive 91 countries. This globetrotting experience led him to discover his true calling – helping people explore the world and make seamless global relocations.

The Birth of The Lifestyle Group:

Founded in 2014 in Miami, The Lifestyle Group started with a focus on lifestyle and travel services, catering to young and successful entrepreneurs between the ages of 28 and 38. Geller’s unique approach and dedication soon caught the attention of the ultra-wealthy, with more than 2000 super-rich families (those with a wealth exceeding $10 million) seeking their services regularly. What sets The Lifestyle Group apart from others is their exclusive and completely closed private club approach. They rely on word-of-mouth referrals rather than advertising, showcasing their unmatched expertise and personalized offerings.

Services Offered

The Lifestyle Group’s array of services includes assisting with foreign trips, global relocations, and obtaining second citizenship. They cater to the needs of young entrepreneurs seeking a luxurious lifestyle as well as wealthy families in their mid-forties to mid-fifties looking to purchase real estate abroad and secure a second citizenship. For their ultra-rich clients, the company provides annual support for private capital management.

Uniqueness and Unparalleled Benefits

One of The Lifestyle Group’s distinctive features is their team of personal managers available 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, ensuring clients’ needs are always met. Their direct contracts with global brands enable them to provide quick responses to any request, often within an hour, and at better prices than clients could find on their own. This is made possible by the fact that the company does not charge clients directly; instead, they receive commissions from partners, aligning their interests with those of their clients.

Looking Ahead

The journey of The Lifestyle Group has been marked by incredible success, and they show no signs of slowing down. The year 2023 brings exciting prospects, with the company opening new offices in London and Hong Kong, further expanding their global presence. Their continued emphasis on adaptability and staying ahead of the curve has led them to Dubai, which has emerged as a prominent center for recreation and relocation, surpassing Miami’s previous status.

Eli Geller’s inspiring journey from a corporate executive to the founder of The Lifestyle Group showcases the power of embracing change and following one’s true passion. His company’s unparalleled services and dedication to providing the best experiences to their clientele have earned them a well-deserved reputation as leaders in the industry. As they continue to evolve and expand, The Lifestyle Group stands ready to cater to the needs of an elite clientele, ensuring their luxurious dreams become a reality in this dynamic world.


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