Elisabeth Hoekstra’s amazing Journey to Making an Impactful Difference and her Incredible Book Projects

Elisabeth Hoekstra
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Elisabeth Hoekstra has enjoyed a successful career in show business, with memorable performances on television programs, movies, and music videos. She is also highly recognizable from countless magazine photo shoots throughout her illustrious stint as a model and actor.

Elisabeth attended Davenport College to further develop her thirst for knowledge. She quickly realized that business management and marketing courses would serve her well as she fell in love with the business side of entertainment. Her expertise soon extended beyond the screen; Elisabeth also found success applying these principles within the other industries.

As we can see from Elisabeth’s example, it is possible to leverage one’s skill set and experience to create multiple income streams as an entrepreneur or small business owner! It just takes some hard work combined with strategic planning—not unlike what it takes for success in show business! Through sheer determination and dedication, Elisabeth was able to turn her entertainment education into success in unexpected fields! Her story serves as an inspiration for anyone looking for ways they can make their dreams come true too.

Elisabeth’s dedication to the culinary arts was evident when she enrolled in Schoolcraft College and obtained her baking and pastry certification. From there, she became a top-notch sous chef renowned for their work with one of America’s most acclaimed pastry chefs.

Elisabeth’s culinary career has spanned some of the country’s top venues, including Oakland Hills Country Club. Her success continued as she became the pastry chef for an award-winning restaurant in 2017 – Otus Supply. Showcasing her ambition for achievement even further, Elisabeth obtained her real estate license later that same year.

Elisabeth inspires many people who dream big and work hard to achieve them – all while simultaneously pushing boundaries within different industries! From obtaining her baking and pastry certification from Schoolcraft College to throwing successful fundraisers with celebrity chefs and artists, Elisabeth keeps everything in her mind regarding achieving success.

Elisabeth’s career took off in 2018 when she was named the exclusive real estate agent for a statewide campaign where she achieved unprecedented success. Her dedication to making a difference extends beyond her professional life: Elisabeth has made substantial contributions towards children’s health and education through hosting fundraisers, advocating on behalf of nonprofits, and generously giving back to those in need.

Elisabeth has witnessed firsthand the damaging effects of stress. In response, she decided to lend her expertise in business and connections from past roles to helping those suffering from mental health issues. She was hired into a mental health facility where her hard work soon paid off as she was promoted to President of the company quickly.

After making a strong impression in the business world, Elisabeth is now spreading her knowledge and skills as Creative Director for 4biddenknowledge Inc., an influential brand and T.V. network. Doing this important work while running her podcast “Bio-Hack Your Best Life” co-hosted by President/C.E.O. Billy Carson – she’s truly mastering how to make every day count.

In addition to all these achievements, Elisabeth provides educational information about various topics on her second podcast – “N.U.M.B.” that she hosts with Maria Carson. This one covers everything from mental health to communication to sustainability initiatives- ensuring listeners have access to crucial knowledge each week. Her Journey as a public figure is just beginning as she continues to share her knowledge everywhere, including Instagram, where her captivating posts often go viral due to the important information contained within them.

Elisabeth is having an incredible year! With her first book “The Recipe to Elevated Consciousness” becoming a best-seller and earning a certificate in cell biology – mitochondria from Harvard University, she’s now joining forces with Olivia Ramirez Smith for their next publication: the highly anticipated “The Mother Earth Effect” which will be released within a couple weeks.

Elisabeth is showing us how hard work pays off. From launching her book series, hosting podcasts, attending Harvard University, and working at 4biddenknowledge Inc., we can learn valuable lessons from watching how she operates both personally and professionally—not only is it inspirational, but it encourages people everywhere to strive toward greatness too. As Elisabeth continues on her path toward success, we look forward to seeing what comes next.

Explore the secrets of achieving your best life at elisabethihoekstra.com and tune in to her new podcast series on youtube.com/the4biddenknowledge channel, featuring her exclusive information! Keep up to date by following her on social media @elisabethihoekstra on Instagram, and @lishoekstra on twitter – start unlocking knowledge today.

We can all learn something from Elisabeth’s story—that anything is possible with hard work and dedication. From entertainment to culinary arts, real estate, and mental health, Elisabeth has made an impactful difference in each field she has entered. Elisabeth Hoekstra’s story is a testament to the fact that the sky’s the limit when it comes to achieving success and making a difference in the world.


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