Elisabeth Derksen Maneuvers Aspiring Powerhouses to Greater Heights Through Her Initiatives

It is a proven fact that running a business is not easy. As a matter of fact, countless aspirants have tried to enter and dominate the entrepreneurial scene, only to fail at the end of each attempt. Indeed, the business landscape is a cutthroat industry, and only those who can soldier through it all have the capacity to make it in the end. Aiming to address the gap in the industry, Elisabeth Derksen lends her talents to serve as a catapulting device to every hopeful looking to get ahead in an inherently competitive field.

Elisabeth Derksen has proven that anything is possible despite the hardships that come with cementing oneself in the commercial space while overcoming personal life challenges. On a mission to stand as a launching pad for aspirants from all walks of life, she decided to create her sole branded inspirationalist platform Elisabethderksen.com.

Before Elisabeth Derksen became the owner and founder of a promising enterprise, she was a dreamer with a purpose in mind. The bookkeeper-turned-entrepreneur always had an unrivaled passion for business and pursued each call to dream. She began her journey when her baby was just eight months old. Her organizational skills and efficient workflows quickly gave her the advantage to incorporate the business and start servicing new clients while raising a newborn. Her strength was quickly noticed when she fed her clients with ideas, pointed out savings and retrieved government monies for them while reviewing their financial statements, things her clients didn’t even know were possible. With her inspiring energy, clients have found it easy to approach Elisabeth as someone that will just listen. “At times, I answered calls at 5 am from my clients who woke up feeling anxious about their business, or in general questioning if what they were doing was right.” Elisabeth didn’t necessarily have a direct answer; however, she derives all her work from a grateful attitude foundation; therefore, it made immediate sense why people like her clients have easily gravitated to her for inspiration. She notices their potential and is another believer in each one of their dreams or goals that are shared.

Fast forward to today, Elisabeth fuels her passion through her journey of proudly conquering single motherhood while continuing to help her clients move towards the materialization of their vision and success through planned steps, implementing the right working habits, tracking the new trained habits and motivation.

Not only does she plan for her clients and inspire them, but most importantly, she sets herself up for these self-experiments of achieving her own goals. In just three years, this single motherhood worked herself out of debt, purchased her first single-title home and manifested her ongoing Airbnb rental portfolio. “It’s all possible, if you close your eyes and see a dream; you’re practically there.” Her strength of confidently assisting her clients in implementing those steps will help get you there!

She guarantees to deliver success to her clients, leading toward the fruition of their dreams. As a result, Elisabeth has become a go-to personality in launching people to greater heights.

Aside from providing clients with the solutions they need, Elisabeth Derksen also helps her clients carve a success-enabling path of their own. Simply put, she assists them in figuring out a plan. On top of that, Elisabeth also takes it upon herself to inspire people to work hard and become passionate. For this reason, this self-starter not only offers strategies but also serves as a source of motivation for hopefuls across the globe through her sole branded platform elisabethderksen.com.

When asked about her primary driving force, Elisabeth Derksen often shared her unparalleled zeal for helping others succeed. The business arena is an admittedly cutthroat industry, so she aims to ease the process of entering and dominating by lending aspirants her skills. Aside from that, establishing a connection with others also stood as her fuel. “The encounters I had with my clients brought out my strength. When we would discuss their dreams, I was quick to contribute ideas, facilitating in the fruition of their vision,” shared Elisabeth. “It was in these moments that I felt the connection I had with people that transcended limitations and defied odds,” she added. With a long list of plans, networks and resources under her arsenal, Elisabeth Derksen aims to expand her company’s horizons, seeing more aspiring hopefuls turn their dreams into reality. As this emerging powerhouse continues to take the reins, inspiring her clients through her coaching.


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