Elevated Fit Life: Transforming Wellness Standards, One Person at a Time

Elevated Fit Life
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Health and fitness; two intertwined concepts that form the cornerstone of an elevated quality of life. They are not merely facets of physical appearances but fundamental components of a joyous, balanced existence. In the heart of these beliefs stands Elevated Fit Life, a passionate community driven by an unending love for health and fitness.

Elevated Fit Life stems from the visionary founders Brady and Kami Nielson, whose dedication to empowering individuals worldwide towards healthier lives is the backbone of their brand. Their mission is not solely based on providing top-tier health supplements, but on fostering a supportive environment for transformation towards a vibrant, fulfilling lifestyle.

Statistics from a 2017 study highlight that 91% of American adults and 69% of American children were overfat, creating what is considered the norm in today’s society. Elevated Fit Life‘s core mantra, “Elevate from the Norm,” speaks volumes about their intention to change this normative state, to create a new health paradigm that moves away from these alarming numbers.

Their innovative product line embodies this mission perfectly. The flagship product, PRO6+, is a revolutionary solution to one of the most significant health challenges faced today: inadequate protein consumption. Designed to supply essential amino acids in a refreshing, tasty drink that mixes like a sports drink rather than a chalky, chunky shake, PRO6+ ensures optimal health and body composition. Each serving provides the equivalent usable protein as 30g of whey protein, addressing the body’s need for essential amino acids.

The inception of PRO6+ traces back to Brady’s football days when he was asked to gain 20lbs as part of his transition from safety to linebacker. His quest for a supplement that could enhance his workouts, boost muscle growth, and expedite recovery led him to an ingredient developed in the Netherlands for their Olympic Team. After years of research, testing, and refinement, PRO6+ came to fruition as an advanced, highly effective, and tasteful essential amino acid formula.

Established in 2009, Elevated Fit Life prides itself on offering cutting-edge nutritional supplements and customized health programs. Their commitment to learning and delivering exceptional results have led to their evolution and success over the years.

Their approach to wellness is holistic, touching body, mind, and soul. Every product is meticulously formulated to nourish the body and mind, while their programs address wellness from all sides. They aim to be a trusted partner, providing the necessary tools for achieving wellness goals.

Choosing Elevated Fit Life means choosing a lifestyle of empowerment, vitality, and personal growth. The community stands ready to assist in every transformative journey, breaking away from the norm, and unlocking unparalleled health and fitness potentials. This is the Elevated Fit Life promise – a brand designed to empower, a brand crafted to uplift.



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