Dynamic Speaker, L. Michelle Rhames Joins Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

The Leadership Experience Tour has proven to be a life-changing event over the years. This explains why the convener, Shawn Fair, pulls all the stops to get the best of the best to speak on the tour. The latest addition to the lineup of speakers is L. Michelle Rhames, a lifestyle strategist and counselor and abuse aftercare coach. The Leadership Experience Tour is an exclusive club for speakers. It has been a highly impactful platform since Shawn Fair launched it to allow speakers to showcase their knowledge and expertise in their fields.

Shawn Fair is a seasoned speaker and consultant who has worked for many major corporations in the United States, Europe, and Canada. He is also a leadership coach who has trained more than 300,000 leaders worldwide. His effective and useful technique that helps leaders identify their blind spot has made him a highly sought-after leadership trainer globally and a top choice coach in the leadership training industry.

Shawn Fair’s expertise and precise foresight informed his choice of dynamic speaker, L. Michelle Rhames, for the Leadership Experience Tour. L. Michelle is the founder and CEO of Hey Beauty Lifestyle Enterprises, LLC, which offers Aftercare Coaching Services and Relationship Counselling services to men and women suffering from narcissistic abuse. L. Michelle is a lifestyle strategist and relationship counselor who delivers customized coaching and lifestyle strategy sessions to help narcissistic abuse victims find the strength to get over the abuse and start a new life.

L. Michelle Rhames is an accomplished counselor with years of experience and success stories to back things up. Her work is beyond being just another coach; she focuses on narcissistic abuse, an uncommon terrain and a situation that she has experienced herself. “At Hey Beauty Lifestyle Enterprises, we provide an outlet for Narcissistic Abuse Victims to gain the resources and strength they need in efforts to manifest the life they so desire,” L. Michelle says.

Her presence on The Leadership Experience Tour is geared toward bringing fresh ideas and showing people that there is a coach who specializes in narcissistic abuse if they are going through something similar. L. Michelle Rhames works with both women and men because anybody can be a victim of narcissistic abuse. She wants to help everyone in troubled and stressed relationships to gain clarity on what to do with themselves.

Joining The Leadership Experience Tour allows her to get across to more people while tapping into the vast experience that Shawn Fair has in training individuals and companies and delivering world-class, award-winning presentations. It’s bound to be a fruitful relationship that will propel Her Beauty Lifestyle Enterprises, LLC to more people who need help.

L. Michelle Rhames’ journey as a coach is based on knowing what she can offer the world. She spent years in an abusive relationship and does not want anyone else to go through the things she did. “I knew I could offer more to the world based on my experience of abuse. I’ve walked through the fire of deep pain and escaped to tell my story and help others heal,” she says.

L. Michelle Rhames is one of the speakers to watch out for at The Leadership Experience Tour, and audiences can only count on Shawn Fair’s judgment to always deliver value through the speakers he invites to the club.

Learn more about L. Michelle Rhames and her company, Hey Beauty Lifestyle Enterprises, LLC, on the official website.


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