Drake Tigges and Youngville Agency Breathing Life into Nashville’s Budding Talents

Drake Tigges’ interest in music, especially the business aspect, has existed for many years since his teenage years. He got into the business at a young age and found success early. Today, he has grown into one of the bigwigs in Nashville’s entertainment scene, and he keeps growing. His artist development and management agency, Youngville Agency, has played immeasurable roles in many young artists’ careers. When Drake turned 18, he already knew most of the marketing and campaigning strategies that artist managers use to give their artists exposure. Now, as a 25-year-old artist and brand manager, he has built quite the reputation, and many artists have placed their careers in his hands to manage.

Drake Tigges’ first major wove toward success was building a network with bigger influencers and names in the music industry, such as BWA, Big Smo, Jellyroll, Struggle Jennings, and UFC fighter Michael Johnson. Working with these people gave Drake all the inside knowledge and connections he needed to spot talented independent artists and promising brands. He took his time to learn and got into the business with fresh ideas, such as the idea of artists and brands making 100% of their royalties and payouts.

Over the years, Drake Tigges has given his clients more than enough reasons to keep working with him while putting work into their development and career advancement. He built Youngville Agency into a place where artists and brands can find progress and success. Youngville Agency boasts clear results within the first year, and with its effective campaigns alongside quality content, the results are usually evident within the first month. Despite the pandemic, Drake Tigges never stopped working. He spent the past year working with country singer Urban Blaze. Two years ago, when he found the 19-year-old singer, he only had 217 followers on Instagram. He now has a verified Instagram account with his debut album charting at number 30 and garnering more than 357,000 streams.

Youngville gave the young artist a full studio facility, an accredited Billboard-charting producer to work with him, and brilliant songwriters. In less than two years, Drake has made a star out of him, and the work has never stopped for a day. Youngville Agency works with social media influencers, businesses, musicians and brands. “We focus on a long-term goal and setting short-term goals to achieve those. The agency has a ton of experience optimizing Google search engine as well as creating positive traction converting online sales and engagement through proper social media content creation and optimization,” Drake says.

Drake is also an experienced music producer and is well-versed in helping young artists get their sound right. With more than 25 years of combined experience for the Youngville Agency team, Drake Tigges is confident that the agency will be the next best thing to happen to the music scene in Nashville and beyond in a few years.

Helping people, especially independent artists and brands, is Drake’s biggest interest. He derives joy in making a star out of a budding artist. He hopes to keep doing this and expand his services to other states while collaborating with various companies and brands to bring the dream to life. His focus on good content creation and branding at Youngville has been a major driving force for success.

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