Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter Set to Headline the Next Edition of Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

When we talk of public speaking, motivational speaking and training of intending leaders and corporate executives, a name that pops up ticking every box is Shawn Fair, founder and CEO of the Fair Consulting and the Leadership Experience Tour. As one of the most in-demand consultants for major corporations across the US, Canada and Europe, Shawn’s status as a leader who helps others identify their strengths and weaknesses has been confirmed and reiterated severally by beneficiaries and those who have seen him in action. Through the Leadership Experience Tour (an exclusive club for speakers), Shawn Fair has helped numerous notable speakers find their footing ahead of the Tour’s next edition. Shawn has identified Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter as the headliner and keynote speaker.

At the moment, being the headliner and keynote speaker of the next edition of the Leadership Experience Tour is one of the many feathers to the growing wings of Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter, who is on a mission to “Break the Eight percent” through her company, AAPPEAL, LLC, which she founded in 2016 to empower ambitious African American females who are struggling to navigate the corporate environment.

Dr. Carter was born to a Caribbean father and Southern mother. In addition to being raised to know the value of hard work, she also had engraved in her mindset that she must work harder and smarter to be treated equally and that mediocrity was not an option. She has also co-authored two book anthologies curated by Dr. Cheryl Wood (another alumnus of the Leadership Experience Tour) I Am A Victor and You Are Enough, where she and her co-authors shared their stories of overcoming adversity, each story unique and powerful.

Dr. Carter holds a Ph.D. in education specializing in training and performance improvement from Capella University. In addition, she holds an MS in education, an MBA in management, and a BBA in marketing. Further, she holds the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter designation and is a Distinguished Toastmaster. Dr. Carter is Director of Finance for a health insurance company in Pittsburgh, PA, and a speaker, trainer, publisher, coach and 4x Best-Selling Author. With over 25 years working in corporate settings in a Financial discipline, she has had the opportunity to lead, mentor, and help others develop in the areas of strategy and financial analysis, performance improvement, and talent development in both profit and nonprofit organizations in addition to serving on the board of several non-profit organizations.

According to partners, associates, and people who have had the opportunity of listening or reading any of Dr. Carter’s publications, “She is the standard of hard work, and passion.” With numerous inspirational and motivational publications centered around “leading oneself and others,” Dr. Elizabeth Carter is championing her LEAP book series through the “Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S…” mantra which according to her stands for both gaining entry or to obtain and at the same time “Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution and Success for Self.”

Dr. Carter, in addition to the long list of her private, corporate and public engagements, is also the creator of V.O.C.A.L., a program where she guides participants to stop playing it safe in their career while helping each person develop a personal roadmap that will provide them with outcomes where they are confident, at the right tables and offered the right opportunities while leveraging on their uniqueness.

On where she sees herself in five years, Dr. Carter says, occupying the highest level position possible in every organization where she is engaged as well as helping others behind her climb the social ladder. “I wish my message, through my speaking, writing, and coaching, enables thousands of people to move closer to their true calling. It does take work, and every day we are challenged with something new, a policy, process, or politics that throws a wrench in our plans. I wish us all to have ACCESS to information and tools to achieve our ultimate goals.”

Learn more about Dr. Elizabeth Carter’s AAPPEAL, LLC here.


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