Dr. Connor Robertson Flawlessly Runs B2B Company, All While Juggling Being an Entrepreneur, Healthcare Professional, and Philanthropist

Dr. Connor Robertson is a professional management consultant and is the backbone of many successful businesses today. As a management consultant, the former Doctor of Chiropractic spends most of his time establishing productive relationships with small and midsize businesses in the healthcare industry that have products and services catered for healthcare specialists. Now, Dr. Robertson is helping several organizations and individuals scale their businesses and improve their performance by primarily focusing on clinical testing, consulting, and B2B expansion techniques that will expand Sports and Health Care Solutions. As overwhelming as it sounds, Dr. Robertson has made everything possible through his company, Syntacz.

Syntacz is an exceptional agency that carries out B2B marketing services to several budding corporations who wish to advance further. Business-to-business marketing, commonly referred to as B2B, alludes to a form of transaction between two businesses, most often involving a wholesaler and a manufacturer, or a wholesaler and a retailer. B2B marketing is carried out among companies as opposed to a company and an individual.

“I also spend a portion of my time at trade shows to improve the total reach and introduce my network to other physicians and SMBs,” he shared.

After leaving his practice as a chiropractor, Dr. Robertson decided to expand the boundaries of his capabilities by embedding his skills into various medical and B2B services online and went on to establish his goal of creating a particular kind of system that would make it feasible even if he didn’t cater to clients face-to-face. Now, the esteemed entrepreneur is continuously helping other healthcare providers get the best products into their businesses through his venture. 

Dr. Robertson’s motivation arises from his belief that the gap in small business systems is unsatisfactory. Since then, he has dedicated his time and effort to focus on operational consulting—an implementation service that improves a company’s internal operations and performance in the value chain, organic lead organization, outbound prospecting, and community building for many B2B businesses.

Besides helping salespeople, entrepreneurs, coaches, marketers, agencies, and early-stage startups grow, Syntacz takes pride in its funnel strategies. This marketing strategy incorporates customized marketing messages to a specific purchase stage a customer is presently at. Because it takes into account the client’s whole journey, it promotes an environment great for nurturing relationships and building better brand experiences.

“We focus on the top of funnel strategies through prospecting as a service where we generate new business for you to interact with and ultimately sell your services,” Dr. Robertson explained.

Furthermore, Syntacz is known for its “Done for You” service that wholly focuses on forwarding LinkedIn, email, text, and voicemail appointments straight to the client’s calendar along with a ninety-day commitment, shortly followed by an M2M commitment right after.

Soon after, Dr. Robertson launched Pay Per Positive Reply, a flagship product of Syntacz that scrapes, cleans, and sends emails with a direct response offer from interested individuals or corporations. The program won’t be charging retainers, does not need money down, and is intended to work 100% based on a company’s performance. Later on, the program will be charging $50 per positive reply. A “positive reply” is described as someone who presents direct interest in a client’s business and would like an introduction via email.

Besides his many accomplishments and contributions in various fields, the former medical professional has more to offer. Currently, he is a member of the board of directors for The American Foundation for Opioid Alternatives, a non-profit organization that raises awareness about opioid abuse. The organization’s cause has allowed them to develop several strategies to combat the issue by providing injured athletes non-drug alternatives for pain management at the time of injury or even surgical interventions. At the same time, Dr. Robertson is also a member of Habitat for Humanity and an accredited investor, a real estate investor, and a podcast host. 


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