Doctor Kelly Lamoreaux Inspires Women to Boost Their Confidence after Childbirth

A woman’s journey in life is filled with pain and pleasure. This is certainly true for women who have walked the path of childbirth. As a result, there has been an increasing need for pre and postnatal care for mothers of different seasons in life, and Dr. Kelly Lamoreaux, DMD, owner and dentist of the Avenue Dental Studio and CEO of Abs After Babies, is the leading choice for the delicate needs of mothers and women in general.

Dr. Kelly is known as a celebrity cosmetic dentist, and for five years in a row, her peers have chosen her as the top dental professional in Colorado. Her work on porcelain and composite veneers has revolutionized the business and become a top player in the industry. Dr. Kelly’s patients fly from around the world to see her, and she treats many famous people and athletes from NFL and NBA. In addition, dental professionals follow her to learn from her cutting-edge procedures.

Dr. Kelly is a mother of four, a business owner, and an entrepreneur who overcame a difficult upbringing to become successful. She wants to inspire and motivate her readers to share her life’s journey and experiences, remembering her parents’ financial struggles when she was growing up. “They occasionally lacked the funds to heat our home in the winter. In the thick of winter, I can still picture my mother tucking me into my bed with several covers. Even the most fundamental needs, like food, were not always assured,” she shared. Ever since that day, Dr. Kelly promised to change the course of her adult life and her children’s lives.

On top of being a renowned dentist, Dr. Kelly is also an expert in Diastasis Recti. She is most well-known for her ground-breaking Abs After Babies program, highlighted on The Doctors on FOX and CBS. With this approach that especially treats ab separation or diastasis recti, she has assisted thousands of women in healing their abs after giving birth. Dr. Kelly’s curriculum was introduced in 2017 and is based on physical therapy methods. Her work with diastasis recti sparked a movement to raise awareness of this problem affecting women’s health.

The Abs After Babies program allocates four weeks for training, where participants will set and accomplish a goal by implementing an action plan for each week. Dr. Kelly promises that mothers will be astonished by the amount of progress they will experience in each passing week.

Over the years, Dr. Kelly and her team have received raving reviews from many of their patients. “I would not ever travel elsewhere again,” says Sheila, one of their patients. “I received the royal treatment, and visiting the dentist suddenly became enjoyable! I cannot overemphasize how much I love this workplace.” Dr. Kelly’s effective program aims to comprehensively provide the necessary information as they journey through their recovery. Aside from being an expert in pre and postnatal exercises, Dr. Kelly is also very adept in sports nutrition and personal training. 

With the wealth of knowledge Dr. Kelly possesses, she publishes articles to assist both men and women in enhancing their physical and emotional well-being, hoping her work will continue to empower more women by boosting their confidence and self-worth.


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