Diverse Tech Founders Levels the Playing Field for People of Color in the World of Tech Startups

The tech startup industry is not exactly known for being one of the most diverse sectors of business. In fact, less than 1% of startup capital goes to founders of color. Cognizant of this, Diverse Tech Founders, LLC is here to help POC entrepreneurs and investors get their footing in the world of business through public relations, social media clout and cultural credibility. The renowned company does this through long-form interviews and in-real-life events. 

Diverse Tech Founders has built a pristine reputation in the business industry through the monumental work that the company has done for people from all occupations. After throwing “app launch parties” to celebrate diverse tech founders in Harlem, the company pivoted during the pandemic by moving these conversations online to a bi-weekly podcast. 

Abraham J. Williamson hosts the Diverse Tech Founders podcast bringing an on-air personality that helps guests feel more comfortable with telling their stories. Abraham is a former college debater at his alma mater, Howard University. He began expanding his worldview when he graduated from Cambridge University, Trinity Hall. During his time in college, he worked in D.C. City Council and the United States Senate. 

Eventually, Abraham attended Harvard Law School, where his mission shifted from policy and politics to learn how money works. As a young Wall Street finance lawyer, Abraham fell deep into early-stage startups and venture capitals. He decided to pivot his legal career by transitioning to a thriving startup ecosystem on fertile ground in Nashville, Tennessee. 

“I realized that many pre-seed and seed stage startups are looking for a community who will be available for them and spread their message. In particular, many diverse tech founders and investors are looking to grow their social capitals within their own communities and others,” shared Abraham.

Thus, Diverse Tech Founders LLC was born. The company aims to grant diverse tech founders and investors more PR, followers, and cultural credibility while paving the way to funding support. The company connects over 20 startup ecosystems across the United States and the United Kingdom, including a community willing to make direct investments in each other. 

The Diverse Tech Founders podcast has become the go-to resource for founders and investors to learn insider tips on sales, design, engineering, and how to become a playmaker in the world of business. “We prioritize diverse tech founders and their investors to 10X connections by asking thought-provoking and relatable questions designed to familiarize listeners with guests both personally and professionally. Listeners feel like you can reach out to guests and keep the conversations going off-platform because our goal includes guests engaging with each other for constructive purposes and showing listeners how to do the same,” shared Abraham.

The Diverse Tech Founders Podcast is an engaging community, first and foremost. It is not a Master Class or a certificate program, relationships are at the core of the thriving venture, and many entrepreneurs and investors alike have gravitated towards the ever-growing brand. The Diverse Tech Founders company is on a mission to connect 250 diverse tech founders and investors to an audience of 10,000 listeners in 32 countries. Interwoven through a decentralized community supporting each other through social capital and financial resources, The Diverse Tech Founders brand has elevated business for its diverse clientele without fail.


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