Dillon Kivo’s The Authority Playbook Lays the Foundation to Help the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs Become Leading Authority Figures

The entrepreneurial landscape has shifted over the years, and today, knowledge of the digital world is an essential key for one to thrive. Among the most exceptional individuals with a complete understanding of how to leverage media for business endeavors in this generation is Dillon Kivo. With an illustrious career to his name and a penchant for helping business owners, the young expert decided to share his knowledge with the world by penning The Authority Playbook: How to Become the #1 Authority in Your Niche.

Dillon Kivo is a respected name in the United States for his impact on the PR industry. He is the founder of the leading PR agency Authority Titans and Kivo Daily Magazine. In addition, he is renowned for his expertise in digital marketing, brand management, media strategy development, creating media outreach programs, and other marketing services.

Throughout his career, Dillon has received several awards and accolades. His experience has helped him work with corporations and individual clients, ranging from high-level executives to A-list celebrities and professional athletes. So, with plenty of experience to his name, Dillon felt it was time to shed light on how he became a leading figure in the PR industry.

Dillon’s book provides readers with a simple but progressive guide for people looking to break away from their nine-to-five jobs and pursue their dream careers. The Authority Playbook is a testimony to Dillon’s expertise in the digital world and reveals how he and many others leveraged media to become an authority in their niche. 

A leader in the PR scene, Dillon provides the foundations for future industry leaders to build on in their pursuit of greatness. Not one to hold back when it comes to helping others, Dillon offers readers insights based on personal experience and professional concepts, breaking them down into elements to give readers an entertaining read while educating them. 

The Authority Playbook: How to Become the #1 Authority in Your Niche was published on March 4, 2022, on Amazon and other online bookstores. The book quickly drew readers’ attention and became the number 1 best seller in the Media and Communications Industry category on Amazon, with colorful praises pouring in from readers.

“If you’re an entrepreneur or think about starting a business, you have to get your hands on this book,” wrote Juliette L. Moody. “Definitely a page-turner, and I left with so much insight into areas of business I didn’t know anything about. This book is worth its weight in gold, and it’s only 99 cents (the Kindle version).”

“Dillon Kivo is sensational and is able to explain business/marketing/PR in simple terms with practical strategies that work,” praised Aaron Virnig.

Other readers chimed in on their praises for Dillon’s book, describing the PR leader as an influential and inspirational figure. While The Authority Playbook mainly serves as a guide to people looking to thrive in the PR industry and other business endeavors, the book has also received positive reviews for helping potential clients get the gist of how the PR industry works.


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