Diamond Infrastructure Development, set to “Revolutionizing the Sustainable Energy Sector Permanently” by Bringing Wave-Energy to Shore

From left to right: At the ESI Summit Jackie Evancho singer/songwriter, Kenneth W. Welch Jr., Georg Engelmann 

Diamond Infrastructure Development is a sustainable energy organization focused on developing and installing proprietary wave energy producing infrastructure. Diamond has successfully identified an approach to the creation of energy and infrastructure that is actually sustainable. 

The On-Shore concept was developed by Global Oceanic Designs/SeaDog Systems, Inc., where Mr. Kenneth W. Welch Jr., founder and inventor, of SeaDog’s wave generated energy transmittable system, designed a system to deliver, single/hundreds of GW’s, of grid active/on-demand energy; An operational system not requiring a dam, with integrated storage, through the use of add-on modular wave tank design configurations! Putting to use, practical & affordable, standing wave driven, sustainable technology.

To learn more about this amazing system, soon to reach communities across the world, we sat down with President & CEO of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Georg Engelmann, to learn about his relationship with Kenneth W. Welch Jr. & Global Oceanic Designs/SeaDog Systems, Inc. & his goals for bringing SeaDog’s concepts to the marketplace. 

“SeaDog’s Disruptive Technologies Arrangement” with Diamond Infrastructure Development

Georg Engelmann & his organization, Diamond Infrastructure Development, is a licensed partner with Kenneth W. Welch Jr. & SeaDog/Global Oceanic Technologies. Together these companies have a mission to take SeaDog’s carefully designed sustainable energy products & launch them into the marketplace as a viable solution for energy creation. 

Georg Engelmann went on to say: “Our technologies, after many years of research, have been developed into what we have today… Dam-Free, Wave-driven, Land-Based energy systems.

In the beginning these systems, first developed for Sea, kept advancing, first SeaDog, tested in the Gulf of Mexico on several occasions, then onto the Wave Energy Carousel, a commercial offshore system, much more competitive than any wave, tidal, solar or wind system offered!

SeaDog Wave Pump being tested off the coast of Galveston, Tx. in front of the Historic, Galvez Hotel

SeaDog Wave Energy Carousel for large Ocean Environments

Now we’re releasing our finest development, SeaDog’s “Dam-Free Wave Energy System” designed for the sectors of infrastructure & energy, with a main focus on deploying our wave energy products on land using Global’s wave pond concept, driven by its proprietary wave energy fulcrum pond pounder and SeaDog’s, “SeaDog Energy Stalling Device” … Leaving the Ocean behind!

Diamond Infrastructure Development currently controls the exclusive licensee rights for all SeaDog/Global Oceanic’s products.

Global’s Wave Pond Concept, showing proprietary “Wave Energy Fulcrum Pond Pounder” & “SeaDog Energy Stalling Device”

Diamond Infrastructure Development Shares Its Market Plan for Its Tech

Diamond Infrastructure Development’s mission is to solve the “Global Energy and Water Shortage Nexus” by deploying their new land-based, dam-free, wave energy systems, under the ground, across the World! Mr. Engelmann stated, “by delivering compact, powerful, sustainable energy solutions at grid scale, the company, along with the organization it’s affiliated with, are certainly capable of delivering on their mission and promise, in the near future.

Their latest thrust is to bring this truly disruptive new tech to the world, providing their dam-free, land-based, energy system to the core “Global Energy Developers” establishing their own power/water networks for commercial developments. 

Georg Engelmann went on to say: “What we have to offer is superior, sustainable, grid scale energy producing technology! A real ethical, environmental, & unobtrusive system, offering superior capital returns, with twice the operational life, if not longer, than those today” … 

Should “Large Energy Organizations in The Public Sector” be Excited for Diamond’s Unveil?

“I would like to believe so”, said Mr. Engelmann… Large corporations in the energy sector have a fiduciary responsibility to allocate capital towards environmental credits or create green systems to offset their carbon footprint. Unfortunately, many energy products available, such as wind, solar, tidal etc., are not living up to their investment values, nor is the reliability there, for the long haul.

Most alternative energy/water production systems today just have too many issues in producing 24/7/365 without major backup, which is very costly, and far less superior to wave energy. Engelmann went on to say: “There are too many issues plaguing both solar & or wind energy that make them both expensive to operate & hard to produce a return if any at all.” Even at Sea wave energy is only slightly better, but still has to contend with corrosive issues, constant changing wave heights along with, tide changes, currents etc.! 

That’s why bringing wave energy to shore made the most sense if it could be done… it would take the battle out of the sea along with associated costs, while bringing a stable wave system online 24/7/365, using artificially generated standing waves… waves that could be created with a set wave height and frequency, for the most efficient outcomes, using our proprietary “SeaDog Energy Stalling Device”.

From a shareholder perspective, creating a usable product like this would be a portfolio allocation into energy/water systems fulfilling both the requirements of tax credits and/or green power production itself. 

This is what Georg & Kenneth are excited about, they have achieved this working system, and are on their way to delivering it to the marketplace. They know their new product, the “Dam-Free Wave Energy System” is the superior product, to all of the existing products available. 

With so much exciting information and insight, look for Georg Engelmann and his corporation Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. to deliver, in late 2022, an amazing sustainable energy product, making a dramatic impact, on the energy/water nexus, along with mankind, over the next decade.  


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