“Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease… Now, What?” By Rory Graham – A Manual for Fighting Parkinson’s

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Image Commercially Licensed From: Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/photos/asian-young-caregiver-caring-for-her-elderly-patient-at-senior-daycare-handicap-patient-in-a-wheelchair-at-the-hospital-talking-to-a-friendly-nurse-and-looking-cheerful-nurse-wheeling-senior-patient-9g_8xy_d1ds

Parkinson’s disease is a degeneration of a part of the nervous system. The disease usually starts developing at the age of 60 but can also affect people in their 20s. Due to the progressive nature and dire consequences of the disease, patients and their caregivers find it quite challenging to navigate.

Although there is no cure for Parkinson’s at this time, there are some ways through which you can manage it more effectively. “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease…Now What?” by Rory Graham is a book that provides some helpful ways for patients and caregivers to still live a fulfilling life as they fight this battle.

Let’s explore what Rory Graham’s book offers for readers! 

About the Author

The book “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease…Now What?” is written by Rory M. Graham. He was the caregiver for his wife, who suffered from Parkinson’s for over 23 years. He also served as the President of the local Chapter of the American Parkinson’s Disease Association (APDA) for three years and was part of the board of directors’ team for over ten years. 

Besides, he, along with his wife, co-led a Parkinson’s support group in Virginia Beach for more than a decade. Due to these experiences, Graham is well aware of the struggles of Parkinson’s patients and their caretakers and is on a mission to assist them with his writing. Including this book, he has written three others, and all of them reflect on the themes of Parkinson’s disease. 

Other than Graham’s association with Parkinson’s causes, he is known as a video producer, marketer, and the founder of Allied Video Services. Graham has been working in the field for more than 39 years and has produced shows such as Hampton Roads Business Live. He is also a business speaker and offers guidance on entrepreneurship, communication, internet marketing, and more. 

Shares the Knowledge of Symptoms and Causes

“Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease…Now What?” is a practical book for anyone who wants to learn more about the disease. In the initial chapters, the book shares the details about how it develops and the possible leading causes behind it. It gives you the basic information that you need to understand the disease that is changing your life. 

From the early definition of the disease by Dr. James Parkinson to the new discoveries, the book is very comprehensive. It shares the common motor and non-motor symptoms that may help you understand whether you or your family member is suffering from it or not. It shares information about the early signs, like acting out dreams and changes in mood, that suggest the person may develop Parkinson’s.

Apart from that, the book also conveys information regarding several risk factors related to Parkinson’s disease. It suggests that family background and genetics can sometimes become critical factors for the diagnosis. For example, it shares a study that says white people are more prone to develop Parkinson’s as compared to others. 90% of the study’s participants were white, 6% were Hispanic, 2% were Asian, and another 2% were Black. 

It also talks about the probability of developing the disease in both genders. Men are more likely to develop the disease as compared to women. Yet another critical factor is age. Primarily, people develop Parkinson’s after 60, but 5% to 10% may develop it in their 50s or even earlier. 

Being Prepared for Dealing Parkinson’s

Unfortunately, we have not found a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Graham’s book completely acknowledges that and emphasizes being prepared to manage it. It urges both patients as well as caregivers to learn as much as possible about the disease so they can better manage the disease as it worsens with time. 

Due to the enigmatic nature of the disease and the severe effect on a person’s cognitive abilities, people may need help in understanding how to deal with it. That’s why one must accumulate enough information about it to work through its different phases. 

For instance, a person with Parkinson’s may also develop speech problems, dementia, sleep disorders, and other psychiatric issues. It is a progressive disease that manifests itself differently in each person. Each person is unique in the symptoms that they have and the speed that the disease takes as it progresses. That’s why being aware of the facts makes you better able to choose wisely and achieve the best outcome.

Navigating the World of Parkinson’s 

One of the remarkable things about the book is that it gives practical advice that actually worked for the author’s wife. It explores the details of the disease and gives some valuable tips on handling it. For instance, Rory Graham shares the details of which type of diet, according to studies, is more suitable for Parkinson’s patients. He talked about several groups of food that might help you slow down the disease progression. He especially mentioned the Mediterranean diet, ketogenic diet, and gluten-free diet. 

Another important aspect the author discussed for slowing down the progression is exercising and physiotherapy. Since body movement becomes a huge task for Parkinson’s patients, they tend to give up early. But this results in their faster progression of the symptoms. That’s why the author emphasizes the importance of physiotherapy. It can help the patient with balance issues and ways to safely maintain control over their body movements. 

Lastly, Rory Graham also believes that knowledge is power for managing any Parkinson’s case. When you are aware of the symptoms, causes, and risk factors, you are in a better position to work toward fighting it. Besides, if you are a caregiver, it will prepare you for the things that may come as the disease gradually progresses. It will allow you to learn about different available treatments and help you evaluate the options, make better choices, and take better care of the patient. 

Where Can You Find the Book?

The book is easily available on Amazon in both paperback and hardback. Besides, if you have a Kindle, you can also avail of its digital version on Amazon. Moreover, the author is also working on its audible version, which is likely to be released on Audible and iTunes. 

Final thoughts

If you are looking to enrich your knowledge about Parkinson’s disease, you can rely on “Diagnosis Parkinson’s Disease…Now What?” by Rory Graham. It is a comprehensive guide for both patients and caregivers that provides insight and perspective to this complicated disease. 

The book shares some useful and valuable advice on what things are needed to manage the symptoms of Parkinson’s. It talks about different aspects, like physiotherapy, nutrition, medical treatments, emotional and mental support, and financial management for the disease. It backs all the information up with the details from many studies and clinical trials, making it a valuable resource for anyone affected by Parkinson’s.


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