Dental Tourism: The International Pull of Smile Team Turkey

Dental Tourism
Photo Credit: Smile Team Turkey

Dental tourism is becoming more mainstream each year. You likely know someone or have heard of someone who has taken a vacation to Turkey and returned proudly to show off their significantly improved smile. The fact that Turkish dental clinics are cheaper than those in the UK and US won’t come as a surprise, but these clinics also have modern equipment and doctors with skills and experience on par with any UK clinic. Additionally, clinics like Smile Team Turkey specifically target international clients, folding their dental practice into Turkey’s tourism industry with extreme results.

An International Appeal

Vita Moskalyova, the founder of Smile Team Turkey, had ten years of experience in the tourism industry before founding the Antalya-based clinic in 2019. The entire goal of the clinic was to target international patients from the UK, Europe, and the US. The clinic is designed to offer world-class dental care, with five in-house dentists with broad specializations providing a suite of services with the appeal of the hospitality industry.

“What makes us different from other clinics is how we treat our patients,” says Vita. “We don’t just act as a medical place. We try to make sure our patients are happy with everything about their trip. We care a lot about our patients and work to build trust with them. A lot of our patients come to us because their friends or family told them about us.”

One of the leading clinics in a growing industry, Smile Team Turkey has tapped into a significant demand that has existed for decades.

Countering Negative Narratives

So effective is the affordable dental care offered in Turkey that concerns of poor dental care have circulated. But Smile Team Turkey remains steadfast towards its goal. 

“Our mission is to demonstrate that top-quality dental services can be accessible at affordable prices, countering these misconceptions. We’re committed to changing perceptions and showcasing the true standard of dental care available in Turkey,” says Vita.

In many ways, Smile Team Turkey proves that world-class dental care from a hospitality angle and at only a fraction of the cost is possible, even building its entire business around international clients. It’s far from the only dental office succeeding in this way. The dental tourism industry in Turkey is growing significantly every year.

A Long-Lived Industry

Turkey’s dental tourism is one component of its tourism industry, and as mainstream businesses like Smile Team Turkey begin to take advantage of this and drive its growth, it’s only going to accelerate. Whatever negative narratives are being pushed in the UK, US, and Europe, it’s not likely to be enough to hold back an economic trend that has gone mainstream. Competition in the dental industry has made its way onto an international stage, and it’s not likely to back down in the near future.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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