Delving Into Some Exciting Business Secrets by Filip Boksa, the CEO of BookingKoala and King of Maids

As you begin your entrepreneurial journey, starting your own brand in the market often comes with more challenges than rewards. Starting something of your own and carving your identity takes special effort and patience before it bears fruitful results. Establishing a business is just like growing a baby; it requires strategic financial planning, marketing and communication skills, and a well-defined business model, to name a few requirements.

Deriving some learning sessions from the life journeys of successful entrepreneurs can serve as a boon to those who are at the initial stages of their venture. One such story is that of Filip Boksa, the co-founder of BookingKoala, who decided to start his own venture inspired by the branding of his favorite company, MailChimp. While BookingKoala was in the works, he was still in college, but his vision of making the company a unicorn, combined with the success he had with his first venture, King of Maids, drove him to drop out and become a full-time entrepreneur.

At just the age of 19, Filip and his friend started King of Maids with a combined investment of $6000 that they quickly scaled to over $5,000,000 by the time he turned 23. Training your mindset and infusing it with positivity accounts for Boksa’s success mantra that he has been following throughout his journey. His day-to-day involves starting with the task that matters the most and has the biggest impact on his company. Besides, Filip also focuses on eating healthy and staying physically fit in order to be more productive. Producing great content with a focus on enhancing customer engagement are the two things he considers topmost in his list of tasks. 

Another factor that Boksa considers to be prime is the equation you share with your business partner. He says that your partner’s goals should align with yours, and that plays an important role in the future of your enterprise. The most exciting thing about BookingKoala is that it is a bootstrapped initiative of Boksa that he started without the help of any outside investors.

It is not a hidden fact that one has to step out of their comfort zone to truly achieve something in life, and it was no different for Boksa. He performed every menial task, working day and night, to see BookingKoala grow in front of him. Filip even compromised on his leisure tours and personal relationships to focus just on his business and get back to it once his goals became reality. His story is an inspiration to all aspiring entrepreneurs, providing them with a clear picture of how their lives should be as entrepreneurs.


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