David Ralls on the Moment That Changed His Life

From helping artists chase their dreams to now publishing his first book, Since My Acquisition of the United States, David Ralls Jr. has done it all, and continues to climb his way to the top. 

David, a native of Philadelphia, started his career in the ’90s, working as a dream chaser. A dream chaser helps artists chase their dreams within the record industry, taking on every responsibility for them. He would handle everything from financial issues to domestic and judiciary issues, always doing what was in the best interests of the artist, or what David refers to as being their “second parent.” 

“I was always making sure that the artists had everything they needed,” says David. “I was their second parent, watching over them so they can do their best.” 

In 1995, while taking a trip to California to dream chase for a new artist, David found himself on the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. While on set, he spent a lot of time hanging out around Will Smith and other cast members, watching them work through the scripts, realizing he was witnessing something great. Each day as the scenes unfolded in front of him, David thought about the amount of creativity that must go into creating one of those scripts. He wanted to figure out how to do it, so one day William Shatner showed up on set for a guest appearance in the Eye, Tooth Episode, and he gave David a great piece of advice and one of the actual scripts for that episode. Unknowingly, this was David’s first step into the world of writing. 

For the next 15 years, David used those texts as a “how to” on creative writing, putting down whatever came to his mind at the time. With this new tool in his hand, he took on all sorts of new projects, all while still dream chasing for artists. 

“I felt tired of helping others achieve these goals they had, all while I had my own ambitions and dreams. I decided it was time to leave it all behind me and chase after my own life goals.” 

By 2013, David felt as though it was time to chase his own dreams and left the music industry for his true passions. Picking the pen back up, he sat down and went to work on his dreams. Within the next couple years, David had written over 10 television shows and feature films, along with the foundations of his books. 

Currently in the process of getting his television shows and films picked up by production companies, David is more than ecstatic to share his first major publication, a book that has been two years in the making: Since My Acquisition of the United States

Since My Acquisition of the United States is a dystopian-thriller, filled with greed, action, and tension. It follows Holy-lander Augustus Sir, an Austrian native, mass murderer, and adopted son of the infamous commander of the Red Sea Army, who is about to take ownership of the United States. Before he can have full control of the nation, he must first eliminate the previous owners, the wealthy and powerful Monarch brothers. However, Sir is not the only person claiming their right to run the United States. To fight against them all, Sir does whatever is needed, whether that is establishing a secret army and government, to clashing with foreign enemies.

“I feel as though with every fictional piece lies a sliver of truth about the world we live in,” says David.Receiving 5 stars in many book reviews and focus groups, this is a read you do not want to miss out on. Available at Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, and BookBaby.


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