David Lenoir: A Champion for Community Service and Financial Stewardship

David Lenoir: A Champion for Community Service and Financial Stewardship
Photo Courtesy: David Lenoir

By: Lennard James 

In the vibrant landscape of Shelby County, David Lenoir emerges not only as a seasoned financial expert but also as a devoted lifelong resident deeply committed to the well-being of his community. His extensive involvement in the local business community and various civic organizations speaks volumes about his dedication to the place he calls home.  

Born and raised in Shelby County, David Lenoir’s roots run deep. A graduate of Evangelical Christian School in 1986, he continued his education at the University of Alabama on a football scholarship, where he excelled as a three-year letterman and Freshman All-SEC Defensive End. His academic journey led him to a B.S. in Accounting from the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Accountancy, marking the beginning of his impactful career in the financial services industry upon returning to Memphis.  

With a career spanning two decades, Lenoir has honed his expertise by consulting with businesses, municipalities, and individuals on matters of money management, retirement plans, and financial responsibility. Holding certifications as an Investment Management Consultant, Series 7, Series 66, and an Investment Fiduciary Auditor, he has demonstrated a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry knowledge.  

Lenoir’s professional journey includes notable stints with firms such as First Mercantile Trust Company, National Bank of Commerce, and Wachovia Securities. In 2006, he launched a mutual fund and, more recently, contributed his expertise to Sector Capital Management, a local money management firm.  

Beyond his professional achievements, David Lenoir wears multiple hats in the community. Serving on the board of directors for various local organizations, including Economic Opportunities, Crosscheck Athletic Association, and Family Action Council of Tennessee, he actively contributes to the betterment of Shelby County. His passion for football extends to volunteering as a coach for Manassas High School and presently at St. George’s Independent School.  

A sought-after speaker, Lenoir regularly addresses groups and organizations on diverse topics, ranging from integrity and character to personal finance and debt management. His commitment to his faith is evident as an active member of Grace Evangelical Church, where he serves as the Chair of the Men’s Board.  

In his downtime, David Lenoir enjoys hunting and fishing with his sons, engaging in activities that reflect his love for the outdoors. An avid reader, he balances his multifaceted life with a thirst for knowledge. David, along with his wife Shannon and their two boys, David and Christian, resides on their small family farm in Collierville, embodying the values of community, family, and a genuine love for Shelby County.  

His commitment to faith is evident through his active role as the Chair of the Men’s Board at Grace Evangelical Church. David Lenoir’s impact goes beyond the financial landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the social, educational, and spiritual fabric of Shelby County. In his cherished moments of leisure, he finds joy in hunting and fishing with his sons, creating lasting memories on their family farm in Collierville—a true testament to the wholesome and community-centric values that define David Lenoir’s life. 

Published by: Martin De Juan


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