Daughter Of Bernice Burgos : Sarai Burgos

Sarai Burgos is the child of reality star and Instagram and music video model Bernice Burgos.Sarai, who is just in her teen years, is Bernice’s second child and one of the most distinctive models of the modern era.She is an entrepreneur as well and has established a name for herself by appearing in national magazines and multi-platinum artists’ music videos.She has appeared in a variety of tracks, including the 2012 song and music video Diced Pineapples by Drake, J. Cole, and Rick Ross.

Also frequently referred to for how young she appears is Sarai’s mother, who also made an appearance on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

Particularly when she poses with her daughters.On social media, her mother is well-known for flaunting her curves in risqué types of bikinis.Even while there is a lot to say about Bernice or even her first daughter, Sarai has only ever been the subject of too few and infrequently important debates.

When Bernice gave birth to Sarai Burgos, her second daughter, is still a mystery.But the former MTV reality star has frequently claimed that Sarai was her second child, born 10 years after Ashley, her first.Bernice gave birth to her first daughter, Sarai’s older sister, in May 1996.The fashion aficionado had Ashley when she was 15 and Sarai Burgos when she was 25, both of whom are now in their mid-teens.Bernice, on the other hand, has never really refrained from discussing her time as a teen mother.

Who is Sarai Burgos’ father?

The identity of Sarai’s biological father, as well as the rest of her paternal history, has up until now remained a mystery. However, it has been determined that the teen’s father was not a well-known figure due to the anonymity.

The mother of Sarai, who born in April 1980, is of Puerto Rican descent. Nevertheless, the now 42-year-old raise in the Bronx, New York.Her mother has frequently stated that she was raised in a Spanish-speaking environment by Puerto Rican parents.

Her older sister Ashley Burgos is widely renown as well.

Ashley Burgos, her older sister, is also well-known. Ashley Marie Burgos, Sarai’s older sister, was born in New York on May 9, 1996.

She enjoys similar levels of Instagram popularity to her mother (with a little over 200,000 followers).She also has a young child of her own and is a mommy.She co-owns a clothing company with her famous mother, Bernice, who is also a businessman.

Similar to Sarai’s father, Bernice has not provided any information on Ashley’s father.She did once admit that her first father, who was 19 when she was born, was her father.He had also been in and out of jail.

The one time Bernice showed her Instagram followers a photo of her daughter Sarai

She might be quite the self-promoter, whether it’s about her difficult past or her steady rise to prosperity.

However, Bernice hasn’t really spoken much about Sarai, her youngest child.

Only a few times has the model ever mentioned her youngest child Sarai in any of the numerous posts the New Yorker has made on her social media accounts.

As she recording a video, she upload a picture to Instagram of the model mom strolling.

She shared an Instagram photo of the model mom strolling while filming a video at the 2017 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards back in July of that year.

The five nine star asks her second daughter to join her in the camera frame and remarks how shy the child is in the footage.

After a little pause, Sarai asks her mother where they should be heading.The throng during the Awards event and its infamous slime stunts are shown in the video’s closing sequences.

Bernice Burgos, Sarai Burgos’s mother, struggled greatly before starting her modeling career.

Bernice, Sarai’s mother, has had her share of ups and downs, despite the fact that she is now a well-known model and a businesswoman who appears to be doing well.

The Diced Pineapples model was homeless after being pregnant at age 15 and having her family reject her, long before she would go on to become renowned.Later, she moved in with her then-mother, boyfriend’s doing all the household tasks.

Bernice is Force to leave school.

Bernice to drop out of school as well since she got pregnant and had no one to support her. The Burgos leading woman has appeared in the vixen’s film and posed for various magazines since she started her modeling career. SHOW and XXL are two of them. The Work Out music video by J. Cole the Latina model’s very first.The mot her of two feature in Rick Ross’ Diced Pineapples three years later.

The mother of Sarai Burgos has had relationships with a number of men. As previously reported, Bernice Burgos, the mother of Burgos, was only 15 when she gave birth to Ashley, her first child. She consequently enter into her first romance at an early age. Having a child at such a young age also require Bernice to mature quickly.

She dated both well-known individuals and regular guys as she grew up.Recently, rapper TI and Bernice were dating.The sixth season of The Family Hustle also included a segment on their relationship.

Sarai’s mother claimed that she had never in her life interacted with a married guy. In a July 2017 interview with The Breakfast Club, the mother of two remarke that her interactions with TI always quite professional. She further stated that discussions also touched on her future participation in a film.

Tiny and TI split up in April 2017, although they later got back together. Other guys that Bernice has been associate with include Nick Cannon, Drake, and Gervonta Davis.

Bernice was last associate with Meek Mill, a musician known for his song “Going Bad,” whom she is say to have met in 2018.

Net worth of Bernice Burgos 

Even though Bernice, the mother of the young Sarai, has seen her share of adversity, she is currently a respectably successful entrepreneur who is a celebrity in both terms of fame and wealth.

The claimed millionaire earns hundreds of thousands of dollars from her modeling work and a sizable sum from her own clothing company.

She produces her own apparel line, a line of women’s sleepwear with sporty and feminine designs.The Show Magazine model claims that she aims to educate her girls growth through her clothes brand.

Despite her notoriety and frequent mentions of her business endeavors. The ABCs of her net worth have been lacking for a while.Nevertheless, a number of rumors claim that she has a net worth of at least $1 million.


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