Darlings Beauty Lab: Where Beauty Begins with Perfectly Manicured Hands

Darlings Beauty Lab: Where Beauty Begins with Perfectly Manicured Hands
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“Everything is in our hands, so they should be in perfect order.” This was the belief held by the legendary figure Coco Chanel. She was also the first to emphasize the importance of a manicure, highlighting that hands are a crucial component of a person’s unique image.

Darlings Beauty Lab is a place where they immediately ask, “How are you, darling?” and you instantly feel like a welcome guest. The owner, Daria Kholodova, came to America from Belarus with a dream of creating a beauty studio where individuals could enhance their uniqueness with an interesting touch.

“The philosophy of Darlings Beauty Lab is to highlight the client’s uniqueness rather than change it. For example, French manicure is an everlasting classic, a hymn to femininity and business style, while Wednesday is an ambassador of gothic style. Monochrome, veil, slider, gradient, and stamping techniques also have their followers. Our task is to make the client exclaim, ‘Wow!’ and leave completely satisfied,” says Kholodova.

Daria Kholodova has a deep understanding of nail trends because nails are her special passion. She chose them as the main focus when she transitioned from architecture to the beauty industry.

“I have taken care of my own hands my whole life. I enjoy the process. I am absolutely convinced that manicure is an art that is no less fascinating than architecture: a variety of shapes, incredible shades, whimsical ornaments, and designs. It provides a fantastic space for imagination,” assures Kholodova.

That’s why she boldly made the decision to switch from construction to a manicure kit. She started by enrolling in professional manicure courses and then got a job at the most popular beauty salon. Soon, a line of clients formed around her, and the idea of creating her own nail studio came to mind.

However, Daria Kholodova only realized this dream several years later in America. In 2018, she arrived in New York, quickly obtained a license thanks to her experience and skills, and joined a beauty salon where she rapidly expanded her client list to incredible proportions.

Interesting partnership offers also came her way, but Daria Kholodova didn’t rush to accept them. She wanted a partner who shared her values, not just someone focused on profit.

Eventually, such a person was found. Diana Hayes, a regular client, offered the perfect collaboration format. Thus, in 2022, Darlings Beauty Lab was launched in Manhattan, where a range of beauty procedures can be ordered, including massages, endospheres, wraps, HydraFacial, eyebrow and eyelash care, permanent makeup, and hair removal.

For those who want to have a manicure, special offers are available:

  • European Manicure Regular Polish — a classic option for everyday hand and cuticle care.
  • European Manicure Gel Polish — nail protection against chipping and vibrant color that lasts for 2-3 weeks.
  • European Manicure Hard Gel — strengthening the nails with a special substance for long-lasting manicures.
  • Nail Wraps Manicure — an amazing way to create a unique and stylish manicure without the need for complex techniques. They are available in a wide range of designs, from classic patterns and abstract designs to vibrant colors and geometric shapes.
  • Nail Extensions — the master can create any shape and length and decorate them with original designs (abstract patterns, inscriptions, birds, hieroglyphs, rhinestones).
  • Maintenance and design for extended nails that have grown since the previous procedure.
  • Professional hand care and cuticle moisturization.
  • A wide range of nail polish shades.
  • Only certified hypoallergenic materials for nail treatment and coating.

At Darlings Beauty Lab, they take the client’s health seriously. Instruments are properly sterilized and disinfected. They also offer a cup of coffee or aromatic tea and engage in friendly conversations. Here, you will forget about time and truly feel better when you realize that the life you hold in your well-groomed hands is incredibly beautiful, just like you.



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