Daniel Harding on Adding Value to Other Businesses through AOS International

Business acquisitions continue to be a healthy trend within the industry today because of their many benefits. These include ensuring the survival of a business entity and being able to elevate it so that it will continue to effectively deliver excellent products and services. Business planning expert and strategist Daniel Harding brings these benefits whenever his company, AOS International, acquires a specific business. By adding value to an existing business entity through his strategic insights, powerful systems, and wealth of experience, he is able to fast-track any company’s growth. 

Daniel is the co-founder of AOS International, an international conglomerate acquiring companies in multiple industries around the world. Along with his team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals, Daniel implements processes and systems with the intention to scale companies with ease. Mostly, he spends his time coming up with innovative and strategic ways to bring a business to the next level. 

“We offer a complete service. When acquiring a company, because we own multiple marketing companies, we can completely take over your marketing department while implementing our systems and automations to automate the rest of a company,” Daniel explained. “This saves the biggest consumer of time, which is department communication and correspondence. We will then come in and design everything A-Z, and once approved, go and build it. In return, we take equity in the companies we serve. Our main focus is finding great industry experts who we can mobilize from a napkin idea to a fully operational cash machine,” he added.

AOS International differs from its competitors through the manner by which it earns. Most companies are known to charge a large retainer when they work with another company. Unfortunately, this does not always translate to performance or success. Daniel and his team opt to take equity by prioritizing performance first. By working hard to guarantee that the subsidiary reaches its goals, the parties involved are able to generate funds that will offer a win-win solution. 

Daniel’s business acumen and a keen eye for details were developed early on in his life. His passions had always involved numbers, business, and problem-solving—three instrumental skills that were put into good use when he decided to go into the acquisition business. He is driven to land on top of the industry by being the best planner, strategist, and problem-solver there is in the world today. His exceptional skills are a steady need in almost all organizations today, making Daniel and his personal skills top commodities in the business world. 

Looking ahead into the future, Daniel envisions himself bringing AOS International further by acquiring more businesses. On a personal level, he dreams of one day making it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and being recognized as an industry leader where he truly excels. Looking for more partnerships is something that he and his team will continue to pursue.Learn more about Daniel Harding and AOS International by visiting this website. Connect with Daniel on Linkedin to know more about his company’s services.


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