Amplifying Mental Health Solutions, Cybin Gains $41M Share Purchase Commitment to Propel Psychedelic-Based Therapies

Amplifying Mental Health Solutions, Cybin Gains $41M Share Purchase Commitment to Propel Psychedelic-Based Therapies
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The dawn of a new era in mental healthcare has been unveiled with the latest announcement from Cybin Inc. (NYSE American: CYBN). The Toronto-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical firm has secured a noteworthy share purchase commitment of $41M CAD. This strategic financial move substantially increases the company’s existing capital access, driving it to over $70M CAD when integrated with their present at-the-market offering.

Since its inception, Cybin, a pioneering entity in the mental healthcare domain, has successfully raised nearly $140M CAD through direct equity investments to fuel its unique clinical pipeline of proprietary psychedelic molecules. The recent association with a seasoned investment fund has underscored the firm’s standing as a disruptor in psychedelic-based therapeutic solutions.

In accordance with the agreement, there is an obligation to purchase up to CAD$41M worth of Cybin’s common shares at prevailing market prices over a period of 36 months. Cybin maintains the authority to dictate the timing and quantum of all share sales under this contract, with the institution pledging to abstain from any short-selling or hedging maneuvers with Cybin’s shares.

“This recent share purchase commitment offers us the agility to access capital as required, allowing us to judiciously mobilize resources within the existing market ecosystem to reinforce our drug development ventures,” asserted Doug Drysdale, Cybin’s CEO.

The company’s unwavering commitment to reinvent mental healthcare is manifested in its collaboration with a global consortium of top-tier partners and eminent scientists. This enables them to advance proprietary drug discovery platforms, cutting-edge drug delivery systems, and novel formulation methods and treatment regimens. Among their ongoing projects are CYB003, a unique deuterated psilocybin analog focused on major depressive disorder, and CYB004, a proprietary deuterated DMT molecule designed for generalized anxiety disorder.

Cybin, founded in 2019 and operating in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland, plans to initiate the first-in-human evaluation of CYB004 in early Q2 2023. The firm anticipates topline data from Phase 1 trials of CYB004 by Q3 2023, closely followed by CYB003 Phase 1/2a topline data towards the end of Q3 2023. The firm’s burgeoning intellectual property repository now encompasses over 50 granted or pending patent applications spanning 6 patent families, reinforcing their robust market position.

With the global mental health burden afflicting over 900 million individuals, innovative solutions like psychedelic therapies present a promising shift in mental healthcare. They aim to address root causes and enhance patient outcomes and experiences. Cybin, standing at the forefront of this paradigm shift, is poised to play a significant role in mitigating the mental health crisis through its transformative treatment strategies.

Cybin’s topmost research and development imperatives include pioneering second-generation psychedelics with augmented bioavailability, optimizing pharmacokinetic profiles, synergizing medicinal chemistry and drug delivery for superior dose control, assessing the potential of Kernel’s Flow® technology, and implementing EMBARK, a model for consistent psychological support.

In light of Cybin’s resolute mission to revolutionize mental healthcare, the recent share purchase agreement marks a crucial juncture, empowering the firm to persist in its innovative pursuits, formulate novel therapies, and deliver tangible impact in the mental health domain.


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