CSTM HAUS Redefines Social Clubs with Its Latest Project, the ArkHAUS

The Big Apple is renowned for its bustling scenery and jaw-dropping skyline. CSTM HAUS is a brand that is perched on a loft in New York City’s meatpacking district and is rapidly expanding its empire throughout the country. Recently, CSTM HAUS has made groundbreaking progress with its new brand location, the ArkHAUS, which is set to be the first floating members club.

The ArkHAUS is CSTM HAUS’s latest project. It is an elite social club that supports coworking, entertainment, and networking. With established branches in New York City and Miami Beach, CSTM has been working to expand its brand on a global scale. As the brand continues to add more renditions, the ArkHAUS is set to be the first modular layout that allows the chartering of a single vessel. It is a multi-story floating villa composed of spacious outdoor decks and lavish rooftop lounges. 

The structure is designed to have four vessels surrounding a protected pool in the center to breathe life into an area that provides people with the “work hard, play hard” escape for residents. Despite the appearance of floating on water, the ArkHAUS is built slightly above the water to avoid getting affected by the impact of waves. The structure is designed to be more than just a beautiful floating villa. The ArkHAUS pushes the boundaries using electric propulsion and solar deck awnings reinforced with a structure that physically manifests the values that CSTM HAUS holds, sitting at the intersection of people and technology.

Following the shakeup that the global pandemic brought last year, CSTM HAUS has been working hard to redefine how social clubs are perceived. Each of the brand’s locations are curated carefully to bring the ultimate balance of relaxation, success, and indulgence. Members have the opportunity to experience events and programming from exclusive workouts to live entertainment in surreal city views and boundless seascapes. The concepts at CSTM HAUS go beyond all expectations that most high-quality individuals usually expect from private social clubs. With practical clientele, attentive service, and avant-garde architecture, CSTM HAUS venues provide a refreshingly easygoing environment. 

Apart from an unparalleled ambiance, CSTM HAUS locations are expected to have members and interested individuals flock to their welcoming atmospheres and care for community curation. The ArkHAUS serves as a beacon for new opportunities and is poised to open doors for next-generation concepts, from mobility innovations to marine research. 

The founders of ArkHaus had this to say about the project: “Our goal is to host and engage a community of disruptors across industries and all walks of life—bringing together those who care about moving the world forward in a positive way. Our ideal member is pushing boundaries and forging new paths when it’s not easy. And big ideas deserve big rewards.”

Since its inception, CSTM HAUS has made an impact in New York City and the Miami beach area. The brand is currently in the works to deliver the same experience to Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Additionally, CSTM HAUS has set its focus on international areas with Paris and Istanbul on its shortlist.

While the prospect may sound intimidating, CSTM HAUS has covered the concerns that may rise up by answering the following questions.

Will the club be affected by incoming waves?

No. Our vessels have ‘spuds’ that elevate them out of the water. While they look like they’re floating in water, they’re actually floating 3 feet above water.

Will this concept be available in other cities?

Yes, CSTM HAUS is already open in New York City and is currently working to include Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Paris, and Istanbul.

Will the membership allow access to CSTM HAUS clubs in other locations?

Yes, floating club memberships will grant members limited access to other locations with limited hours to ensure they’re only using it when traveling. This is to ensure other city members don’t overburden their location.Learn more about CSTM HAUS and ArkHAUS by visiting their official website.


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