Creative Stylist Atena Crain on Using Intuitive Fashion to Help Clients Feel Beautiful, Confident, and Empowered

Dressing well is something that most people like doing. After all, being presentable is something that society expects from everyone. But more than that, looking good is an excellent way to boost one’s confidence significantly. However, the fashion industry is a rapidly evolving space, and many find themselves needing help to keep up with the latest trends. Because of this, one remarkable individual is using her expertise to bring outfits to life: Atena Crain.

A bonafide entrepreneur, she is the owner of the highly successful T&A Tax and Business Services. Through the enterprise, the outstanding professional works closely with small businesses by helping with their accounting needs and ensuring they are educated in their organization’s tax matters. 

But aside from her impressive business acumen, the vibrant woman always had a strong passion for fashion. Finally finding an opportunity to pursue her love for styling during the pandemic, the go-getter created Styled by Atena. Proudly explaining what motivated her to create the venture, she shared, “I have always been a creative person and a student of fashion. I love self-expression through style, and I thought that a little creative fun was needed both for me and those around me during those uncertain times.”

What separates the founder from the rest is her incredible wisdom. Specifically, she advocates for time-tested and long-term fashion solutions, unlike other stylists in the market that focus on fast fashion options and rely on trends that are often fleeting. But of course, this is not to say that the professional only sticks to the classics. If anything, she is also keen on experimenting with new things and exploring new ideas.

This extraordinary philosophy, in turn, allows her to build lasting relationships with each client. “Personalized, professional and exceptional client experience. I spend a lot of time one-on-one with my clients to really understand their wants, needs, and lifestyle. I pay a lot of attention to detail, from figuring out the most comfortable and cute shoes for their event to strategizing on the look of their personal brand. When it’s time to shop, I look through hundreds, if not thousands, of pieces until I find the perfect one for the client,” Atena explained. 

Because of her amazing perspective and ability to deliver exceptional results, the visionary has helped countless individuals feel beautiful, confident, and empowered, including powerful and influential women in various industries. On top of that, she has established a reputation as a trusted stylist who can help curate one’s closet to suit their unique needs and lifestyle. 

When asked to share a helpful fashion tip, the inspiring woman willingly obliged and said, “Look effortlessly chic and modern by wearing similar colors head to toe. The key to making your monochromatic outfit look smart is to use pieces with interesting silhouettes and cuts. The pieces don’t have to be the same exact color. Different shades of the same color will work great too!”

Atena is undoubtedly a breath of fresh air in the fashion industry that perpetuates the unnecessary need to keep purchasing new clothes. By having a good grasp of the basics while maintaining an open mind for innovation, she has created a more sustainable, realistic, and cost-effective approach, much to the delight of her clients.


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