Craig Hussell: Leading the Way in Addressing Construction Challenges

Craig Hussell Addressing Construction Challenges
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By: Elena Mart

The United States faces a housing affordability crisis driven by a shortage of 3.8 million units. High construction costs, COVID-19 supply chain disruptions, and lingering effects of the 2008 housing bubble have exacerbated this issue. Despite Bank of America Community Development Banking (CDB) investing $7.1 billion in affordable housing and economic opportunities, the shortage persists. Amidst these challenges, Craig Hussell emerges as a key figure with a proven track record in the UK, focusing on affordable and eco-friendly housing. Craig discussed his insights on industry challenges and his vision for sustainable, cost-effective construction solutions.

The construction industry has faced a series of significant challenges in recent years, including disruptions in the supply chain, persistent demand for affordable housing, and escalating housing prices. Could you provide your perspective on the current state of the industry and how your work is addressing these challenges?

Craig Hussell: Absolutely. The industry is navigating complex issues, from supply chain constraints to the urgent need for sustainable and affordable housing. My approach emphasizes project efficiency and innovative solutions to tackle these challenges head-on. By collaborating with leading builders, architects, and clients, we are able to deliver projects that focus on quality, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive approach not only addresses the immediate challenges within the industry but also paves the way for long-term success and resilience.

Craig, your professional journey in the construction industry is impressive, given your progression through various key positions and eventual rise to becoming a leader in your organization. Can you share an overview of your career path, how it has shaped your expertise, and what qualities you obtained along the way that have positioned you as a prominent figure in the field?

Craig Hussell: With over 15 years in the construction industry, my journey began as a general contractor and HVAC apprentice, providing me with practical knowledge across various trades, including bricklaying, carpentry, plumbing, and heating system installation. These experiences fostered a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the industry’s intricacies. As a senior site manager, I managed construction sites and large-scale projects and implemented strict health and safety procedures, honing my project management skills. In recent years, I’ve further refined my expertise as a general contractor, HVAC engineer, and firm owner, overseeing property refits and coordinating trades to ensure high-quality finishes and adherence to budgets. Mentoring apprentices and promoting continuous improvement has been key to building a talented and motivated team.

My career path combines hands-on experience, strategic insight, and leadership, driving innovation and success in every project. My ultimate goal is to foster sustainable, inclusive, and forward-thinking construction practices.

Your impressive career track record highlights your deep expertise and significant impact in the construction industry, particularly in the UK. For example, successful and budget-balanced projects like new housing developments in Birmingham and Worcestershire, as well as large-scale commercial projects such as the Aston University JCB Engineer Training Centre align the needs for affordable housing and sustainable development. What accomplishments stand out as the most meaningful to you in light of the industry’s ongoing challenges?

Craig Hussell: I’m proud of the impact my projects have had on the construction industry. The new housing developments in Birmingham and Worcestershire have provided high-quality, affordable housing, enabling many families to secure homes. Collaborating with builders like Taylor Wimpey, Barrett Housing, and Persimmon, we’ve offered sustainable and inclusive housing options.

My involvement in large-scale projects like the Aston University JCB Engineer Training Centre highlights the importance of modern infrastructure and innovation. This project is especially meaningful to me as it contributes to the country’s technological development. These experiences have honed my expertise in project management and resource allocation, resulting in successful outcomes that benefit both the industry and local communities. Through these achievements, we’ve made significant strides in addressing the housing affordability crisis and promoting sustainable development.

Surely! Given your experience and dedication to affordable and environmentally friendly housing, what vision do you have for tackling the ongoing construction issues amidst rising costs and the growing demand for sustainable solutions? What qualities or strategies do you believe are essential for addressing these challenges effectively?

Craig Hussell: To address construction challenges, we need a comprehensive approach. Firstly, prioritize efficiency and innovation by utilizing advanced techniques and materials. Secondly, foster collaboration among stakeholders to streamline processes and share best practices. Thirdly, prioritize flexibility and adaptability to embrace new technologies and ensure sustainability in every project. Lastly, invest in workforce education and training to drive progress and innovation. My vision is a construction industry that combines forward-thinking practices with sustainability, creating stronger, more resilient communities.

You’ve already achieved significant success in the construction industry within the UK. What are your plans for the future? Do you intend to apply your accumulated experience and contribute to solving the challenges facing the US construction industry?

Craig Hussell: Absolutely. My goal is to contribute to the development of affordable and environmentally friendly housing in the US. By leveraging my expertise in sustainable construction practices and energy-efficient initiatives, I aim to help address housing shortages and affordability challenges. I believe that my experience in managing costs, adhering to strict safety protocols, and maintaining high-quality finishes will play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

My experience in the UK has given me a deep understanding of various aspects of the construction process, including working with diverse teams and navigating complex projects. In the US, I plan to apply this expertise to drive positive change by creating sustainable and affordable housing solutions that align with urgent needs. By building resilient and affordable housing, I aim to contribute to the nation’s construction industry and help shape its future.


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