“Crafting Success: The Journey of Aselia Amiraeva – From Passion to Mastery in the World of Digital Marketing and Content Production”

"Crafting Success: The Journey of Aselia Amiraeva - From Passion to Mastery in the World of Digital Marketing and Content Production"
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A person who enjoys what they do in life can undoubtedly be called happy. To many, this seems unattainable, but definitely not to our interlocutor. Aselia Amiraeva is a Kyrgyz digital marketer and producer with extensive experience in the field of marketing/promotion of video content. She is intelligent, creative, unconventional, and determined. At the age of 25, she found her calling and set clear goals that she confidently pursues.

Aselia, could you tell us how you entered this profession and what influenced your choice?

It all started back in my school years. I was passionate about photography and films, capturing anything interesting that came my way and anything that moved. I was also immensely interested in numbers, economic news, articles about economics, and entrepreneurship. Since such a subject wasn’t offered in school, I had to independently gather information from additional sources. A significant influence on my worldview and career choice was a trip to the United States through the “FLEX” exchange program, supported by the U.S. Department of State.

For higher education, I chose the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, majoring in “International Relations. Economics.” While studying, I was an active student and participated in many activities, such as mentorship programs, different internships. And I was always drawn to a more creative profession. Therefore, when I was offered an internship in the marketing department of the production studio “1.1 Studio,” which specializes in producing films, TV series, and other media projects, I didn’t hesitate for long. This became a sort of starting point for my current profession.

But you didn’t become a video producer right away, did you?

Of course not, it wasn’t an immediate transition. After my internship, I continued working at the studio as a digital marketer. To improve my skills, I took numerous courses and seminars on topics like promotion, targeting, and advertising. I handled online promotion for various projects, from musical shows to TV series aired on national television and YouTube channels. My first fully independent task was promoting a popular reality show on social media. Within a year, I became the leader of a team consisting of 10 people, including videographers, editors, designers, and social media specialists. A year later, recognizing my professional abilities, key role in projects, creativity, and desire for growth, I started receiving offers to take on producer roles.

Aselia, could you share your accomplishments in your profession? Which projects would you like to highlight?

As a digital marketer, I worked on promoting more than 13 projects. Among them, I would highlight films and series like “Beshbarmak,” three seasons of “Koshunany Tandabait,” as well as the musical-entertainment program “Erke Sary” and the “Better Me” show. These projects garnered millions of views on YouTube channels and were broadcasted on national television.

In my producer career, I’ve been involved in 4 projects. The latest one was the international Central Asian TikTok House, where my team and I brought together 6 well-known bloggers from different Central Asian countries. The participants lived under one roof and continuously created collaborative content. The TikTok House was a tremendous success, accumulating a total of 3.8 million subscribers and over billions views.

Since we’re discussing success, in your opinion, what constitutes true success?

In my view, true success is the ability to engage in what you love, grow professionally, and find satisfaction both materially and emotionally. On a broader scale, success is achieving set goals and producing a positive outcome in your endeavors. It’s also about telling stories to a huge audience and being acknowledged both as an executor and as an individual.

Not long ago, you completed production courses at the New York Film Academy. Could you explain your decision?

To continually grow and achieve success in one’s profession, it’s essential to keep improving oneself, learning new things, and enhancing professional skills. And where better to delve deeper into the field than at the New York Film Academy? After all, it’s an institution that forges professionals in the film industry.

Lastly, could you tell us about your plans for the future?

I see significant potential in the video production of Central Asian countries. My expertise leads me to believe that our content from there could be unique and captivating for the American audience. If I have the opportunity to work in the video production industry in America, I will actively promote the expansion of my own production from Central Asia to the international market. Overall, I want to say that I am thankful to God for the opportunity to pursue my passion.


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