Couple Ryan & Jenna McNutt On Flunking Out of School, Meeting Each Other and Building a 7-Figure Business

When life comes at people with difficulty, not many can recover and make the most out of the situation, probably because they lack the strength and character required to fight or lack the zeal to stay afloat. Many dreams have died on this hill, but one man who chose to rewrite history and succeed regardless of his experiences is Ryan McNutt. 

Ryan McNutt is an entrepreneur and businessman originally from Florida, and shapes his world using his business template. What started with dropping out of school in the 9th Grade for Ryan has metamorphosed into relentlessly pursuing his dreams through every hurdle that life threw at him. Now at the pinnacle of success, he has built his world and currently lives the life he wanted. And together with his wife Jenna, they have become a power couple with about nine companies in their portfolio. 

For Ryan, dropping out in the 9th Grade has the cards stacked against him, and for the next few years, he battled with alcohol and drug addiction, gang association and experienced numerous family deaths. However, despite all these, he is now happily remarried with two kids, and through these challenges, he was able to have an uninterrupted 20-year career in marketing and sales. Ryan has had the pleasure of working with companies such as Coca-Cola and spending over 12 years in Healthcare.  

According to Ryan, while he was at the bottom fighting depression, a significant turning point was meeting Jenna. He had built nine different companies, including a 7-figure marketing and branding company. As part of their success, the couple now runs the marketing for over 40 small businesses, owns a CBD brand, and through their new investment division, which started at the height of the pandemic, now have ownership in various companies and industries.

He is the founder of One Source Branding and Media and Kono Naturals, among other businesses. One Source Branding & Media is a brand development and online marketing company. We help develop startup companies and existing companies by building a successful brand through intelligent and creative marketing. While Kono Naturals, on the other hand, is a collection of organic, sustainable Cannabidiol (CBD) products carefully designed to offer a safe and natural alternative to managing pain, mental health and promoting general wellness. 

On his motivation, he said, “I have always had the heart of an entrepreneur but my main reason for building our own brand was for freedom.” He attributes his success to his work ethic and drive to rise every time he falls down. “I simply Never Give Up!” He summed. 

According to Ryan, the goal over the next five years is to continue scaling my brands as well. For the next five years, Ryan explained that the goal is to continue scaling his brands (One Source Media Branding & Kono Naturals). At the same time, “I want to continue building our investment portfolio of small businesses.” He summed

Ryan is committed to helping people realize that it doesn’t matter how many times they get pushed down because, as long as they work hard and push through the negative, anything is achievable. 

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