Corganics, the Trusted Partner and Natural Products Provider of Today’s Healthcare Professionals

The US healthcare landscape that includes more natural products has become more mainstream and is expected to grow dramatically in the years to come. Today, US consumers are more concerned with adding cleaner, safer, and natural therapies than ever before.  You see this playing out in the overall reduction of prescription medications in the US market due to the delivery of more natural products and awareness of risks associated with some prescriptions.  The increase in demand for more natural products that people can trust and rely on in their health journey is at an all-time high. Along with this expected growth is expectation of a correlation in the increase in quality. Companies entering the market need to deliver premium, high quality options that are also affordable.  Corganics, a company known for delivering premium natural products, has consistently delivered on these expectations to consumers. Shortly after its launch, Corganics managed to emerge as both a trusted partner of healthcare professionals and consumers because of its scientifically formulated, safe natural products. 

Founded by pharmaceutical industry experts Reggie Gatewood and Chad Collins, Corganics was established as a response to a glaring gap in the market – the exclusion of clinical science, quality assurance and transparency surrounding more natural health solutions for consumers.

Currently, this upstart life sciences company is fully committed to maximizing the potential of its lineup of natural product offerings and meeting consumer needs with innovative and accessible therapeutic products.

Among the most popular of Corganic’s offerings is relief topical cream, a crowd favorite designed to facilitate rapid recovery from muscle soreness and joint pain. Made for people with an active lifestyle who don’t want to be sidelined by muscle aches or soreness, Corganics Relief Cream delivers rapid results with a premium look and feel.

Boasting a non-greasy formula and pleasant fragrance, this premium topical sports cream has been widely recommended by healthcare professionals and professional sports teams. Utilizing natural ingredients such as peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, sweet orange and menthol, Corganics Relief not only provides a more natural method of easing pain, it also includes the restorative and hydrating effects of vitamin E and aloe vera.

Due to the quality and consistency of the Relief brand family of products, Corganics has impressed consumers and healthcare professionals alike.   Additionally, Corganics was able to build trust and credibility in the competitive natural wellness market, thanks to the leadership of industry executives Reggie Gatewood and Chad Collins. 

Under the vision of Reggie Gatewood and Chad Collins, Corganics has flourished from a seedling of a business idea into a budding power player in the industry. In the future, this promising venture is set to solidify its standing in the US marketspace while continuing to earn the trust of both healthcare practitioners and consumers looking for the safest, cleanest natural products to help with pain.


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