Cole Lake: One Of The Fastest Growing Las Vegas Realtors

Cole Lake is a Las Vegas based realtor that buys and sells homes with Berkshire Hathaway. Cole comes from a family of successful realtors in Washington state, but he wasn’t always set on a career in real estate. Lake studied at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and started working immediately after he graduated. Still unsure about what profession he wanted to pursue, Cole continued working various jobs seeking his passion. Then in 2019, he saved up enough money to move to Las Vegas and begin his career in real estate. Since getting started, Lake has been consistently successful and enjoys helping people find the perfect home. 

Why Choose Cole?

Cole is a dedicated professional that makes it his goal to exceed every client’s expectations. He does this by aligning with clients to analyze exactly what it is that they want. Lake also conducts deep market research to find the perfect listings for his clients who are looking to buy a home. For clients who are selling their home, Cole puts his proven marketing solutions in place to sell the property efficiently and smoothly. Lake is well versed in VA loans and he often works with active duty military families and veterans. Success to Cole isn’t financial. For Cole, success means “How many families can I help be happy in a new home”. Although he has found some early success, Lake doesn’t plan on slowing down and he aspires to work until he becomes a top real estate agent in Las Vegas. 

Proven Success

Cole jumped into the Las Vegas real estate market and quickly went to work. Within his first year as a real estate agent, Lake managed to produce over $8 million in real estate sales. The real estate industry operates largely on name recognition and experience, so it can be tough for new realtors to create success early on. Cole sets his own standard by building personalized relationships with his clients and truly helping them get what they need. This individualized approach in combination with his work ethic and natural knack for real estate, allowed Lake to surpass any normal expectations for a first year agent. Cole’s genuine passion for helping others sets him apart from any other realtor in Las Vegas, and he truly enjoys helping people find their next home.

Trustworthy & Reliable Buying or selling a home is a big next step in anyone’s life whether it is their first or fifth time moving. When working with a realtor, nobody wants to face any surprises or shady business practices. There are many agents in the industry who are happy to take advantage of their clients to make as much money as possible. Cole, who works with Berkshire Hathaway, is dedicated to each and every client he services and he strives to exceed expectations. Since he works through Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most reputable real estate companies in the country, clients have peace of mind knowing that everything will go smoothly. Thanks to Lake’s willingness to go the extra mile, he often earns referrals from past clients who know he does the job the right way. Cole emphasizes transparency every step of the way too, and he always makes sure to walk clients through every step of the way. 

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