CJ Custom Clothiers Delivers Elegance, Excellence, and Perfection in the Men’s Fashion Industry

A man’s style often displays his confidence, there’s a particularly powerful charm in a dapper man, and CJ Custom Clothiers knows just the thing to make things happen in the name of men’s fashion. The esteemed clothing company is an African American-owned bespoke men’s clothing designer based in Memphis, Tennessee.

CJ Custom Clothiers is owned by Clarence Jones, who has led the company towards designing and outfitting some of the most noteworthy athletes and coaches in professional leagues such as the NBA and NFL. The company has also been dubbed as an elite maker of bespoke suits and shirts for clientele all over the world, such as comedy stars and powerful executives.

Clarence Jones founded CJ Custom Clothiers in 1994 with a dream of serving the best in men’s fashion. Nowadays, the company has grown massively with each shirt and suit hand-cut and handcrafted to perfection, delivering the finest, custom-fitted suits that are tailor-made for a wide variety of clients such as professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, musicians, actors, comedians, and other high-profile clientele.

CJ Custom Clothiers begins its design process by understanding its clients’ needs. This understanding ranges from a variety of aspects such as the look that the client desires and other customized features that they would want for their clothing. From the very first consultation down to the final fold and last alteration, the renowned clothing company makes sure to involve the customer at every given step.

“I understand the importance of artifactual communication—clothing and accessories always communicate a message when worn. And if the message one wants to convey is power, confidence, and success—it is critically important to always look the part,” explained Clarence Jones. CJ Custom Clothiers is dedicated to delivering fine, fit-style suits while providing outstanding customer service. The company offers custom-made suits, jackets, pants, vests, overcoats, linen suits, shirts, cargo pants and short-sleeve shirts.

All of its custom-made products are made from the latest seasonal fabrics, which guarantee the best possible quality. CJ Custom Clothiers is a one-stop-shop for anyone who wants to look good and have the finest quality custom-made suit readily available. The amount of customization and personalization sets it apart from the rest. Clarence allows his customer to have absolute freedom of their style so their confidence and personality can truly shine through.

CJ Custom Clothiers is known for its excellent customer service, building long-lasting relationships with its clients through the years. The collaboration between the customer and the tailor is used to develop a unique style that sets the client apart from the crowd. It has always been Clarence’s mission to cater to each client in a personal way; CJ Custom Clothiers brings that mission to life and breathes life to the style that only his customers can create.

“When I first started CJ Custom Clothiers, I had no support. I believed in myself and my dream, and now I have been in business doing what I love to do for over 25 years,” proudly exclaims Clarence Jones. Built on hard work and his passion for success, Clarence now envisions an even brighter future for CJ Custom Clothiers. In the near future, he hopes to grow his business and increase his clientele. He sees himself taking CJ Custom Clothiers to new heights, expanding the company and providing better career opportunities for other individuals who have an interest in fashion.

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