Ciro Sampietro Ricci: A Trailblazer in Event Planning

Ciro Sampietro Ricci A Trailblazer in Event Planning
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By: Amal Patir

Ciro Sampietro Ricci, a passionate and highly organized event planning professional, has made significant strides in the event management industry. Known for his adaptability and exceptional communication skills, he has successfully led numerous high-profile events and forged strong relationships with clients, vendors, and stakeholders.

Ciro defines himself as a passionate, organized individual with a natural ability to adapt to any situation. His communication prowess has been a cornerstone of his career, enabling him to effectively lead meetings with clients, suppliers, and social and professional gatherings. His talent for listening and teamwork allows him to manage multiple tasks and details simultaneously, always keeping deadlines and budgets in focus.

With a strong affinity for numbers, Ciro has developed expertise in financial negotiations, proposals, and projections. His strategic thinking and problem-solving skills under pressure have been vital in adapting to unforeseen situations and ensuring success. Coupled with his attention to detail and innovative mindset, Ciro is a visionary who thinks big and sets no limits for himself. His creativity, passion, perseverance, strategic thinking, efficiency, and resilience in the face of stress and unexpected challenges make him a standout in the industry.

One of Ciro’s most notable achievements is negotiating and establishing a pivotal alliance between Clubtab Events and La Victoria SocialClub Miami, becoming the principal and exclusive event producer for Miami’s top-rated Latin nightclub. This partnership produced over 70 events annually, boosting the client base and enhancing the company’s reputation by 50%.

Additionally, Ciro co-founded La Victoria Social Club NYC, a highly recognized Latin nightclub and event space in the US nightlife scene, further cementing his influence in the industry. His innovative approach to event conceptualization and execution was evident in the successful launch of thematic events like SPRING BREAK in La Romana, Dominican Republic. These events received widespread acclaim from clients and attendees, generating over $200,000 in revenue for three consecutive years.

In collaboration with renowned artist Carlos Vives, Ciro organized the official after-party for Vives’ concert in Miami. This unforgettable and exclusive night for attendees exceeded revenue targets and generated substantial media attention, significantly enhancing brand visibility. Furthermore, Ciro coordinated a national tour with artist YERA, achieving high levels of participation and engagement across multiple cities, showcasing his logistical and planning expertise.

Ciro’s prowess in event planning was also highlighted by producing a series of Halloween parties that attracted over 2000 attendees. These events generated over $100,000 in revenue in just one weekend, demonstrating his ability to create successful large-scale events. In addition, Ciro has excelled in producing high-end corporate events for companies such as PitchBook and RazorFish, showcasing his versatility and ability to cater to diverse audiences.

He specializes in planning, organizing, and executing various memorable events. His skills include generating innovative and original ideas to make each event unique. He excels in managing multiple tasks and details while adhering to tight deadlines and budgets. His effective communication with clients, suppliers, and team members and his negotiation skills enable him to resolve issues swiftly. Ciro’s strategic planning and execution capabilities ensure successful event promotion and execution. He is adept at identifying and addressing challenges during event planning and execution. His flexibility allows him to adapt to last-minute changes and creatively solve problems to guarantee event success. Ciro’s meticulous attention to detail, from event design to logistics, ensures the highest standards are met. His leadership and teamwork skills enable him to lead diverse teams and collaborate effectively to guarantee event success. Above all, his deep passion for the event industry drives his commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.

Sampietro’s professional journey includes significant roles at Brunchtab LLC DBA Clubtab Events, where he has been instrumental in generating over $1 million in annual revenue through successful event promotion and organization. His responsibilities included contacting renowned DJs and music artists, managing finances, and expanding social media coverage. As a Co-Founder and investor in La Victoria Social Club NYC, Ciro played a crucial role in the initial development and expansion of the club in New York City, contributing to its success as a premier nightlife destination.

Ciro Sampietro Ricci has undeniably made a remarkable impact on the event planning industry. His strategic vision, creativity, and dedication have elevated the brands he has worked with and set new standards in event management. As he continues to innovate and lead, the future promises even more outstanding achievements for this dynamic professional.

Published by: Khy Talara


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