Chris Harder and Matt Marek Team Up to Launch Frello App

Chris Harder and Matt Marek Team Up to Launch Frello App
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As the digital landscape continues to evolve, innovations in finance and technology are shaping a new era of possibilities. From blockchain revolutionizing transactions to artificial intelligence reshaping investment strategies, the synergy between finance and technology has become a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas. In the heart of this dynamic intersection, visionaries give rise to unprecedented solutions that challenge the status quo.

Entrepreneur, investor, and podcast host Chris Harder was inspired to create a peer-to-peer lending platform set to change the game of personal loans. But how did Chris, a self-proclaimed non-tech enthusiast, manage to spearhead a project that relies heavily on cutting-edge technology? The answer lies in the power of collaboration and finding the right team.

“I knew that I had to bring this to life, but boy was it outside my wheelhouse. But I also knew that I could find someone to do the parts that I was not gonna be good at. And that person happened to be my now business partner, Matt,” shares Chris.

In a serendipitous collision of contrasting skill sets and backgrounds, Chris Harder and Matt Marek came together to create Frello. Chris witnessed Matt’s success in building and selling a nine-figure tech company. Matt, in turn, valued his team and ensured they were taken care of after the sale. This camaraderie laid the foundation for their collaboration on Frello, where they aimed to create a platform that eases financial burdens while offering lucrative returns to lenders.

The technology infrastructure of Frello is a testament to Matt’s expertise and the dedication of the team they inherited from his previous venture. With a lineup that boasts the best CFO, designers, and engineers, Frello’s foundation is as robust as it is diverse. Chris’s excitement about the project is contagious, especially when he discusses the app’s potential to alleviate the fear and uncertainty surrounding urgent financial needs. “We are going to change the way people behave in a financial jam with their money forever,” he said. 

Frello operates on a two-sided marketplace model. Borrowers facing financial jams can request loans of varying amounts, creating a Tinder-like experience for lenders to browse through potential lending opportunities. The blind bidding system empowers borrowers to choose from multiple offers, considering factors like interest rates and repayment terms. This approach is a stark contrast to traditional payday loans, providing borrowers with the flexibility they need to repay without exacerbating their financial struggles.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Frello’s phase two introduces a loan marketplace, allowing lenders to set specific parameters for their investments. Matt explains, “Lenders can set terms, risk scores, and causes they care about, providing a customized approach to investing. Our system auto-bids on their behalf, creating an instant marketplace for borrowers to choose from.”

Ensuring the security of both borrowers and lenders is a top priority for Frello. Chris reassures, “Every single loan is guaranteed backstopped by an insurance pool. That reimburses any lost loans.” In the event of non-payment, Frello steps in after 45 days, reimbursing lenders with Frello credits for future investments. This innovative approach protects lenders while maintaining a commitment to helping borrowers out of financial jams.

The heart of Frello lies in its mission to empower individuals, taking financial power away from indifferent institutions and placing it firmly in the hands of the people. “Lend to your neighbor, lend to your friend, lend to that person on the street that needs a little bit of help,” Chris urges.

The Frello platform is not just about financial transactions but about building a community that extends a helping hand when needed. When you borrow on Frello, you’re borrowing from peers who understand your struggles and are willing to assist. When you lend, you become a part of a network, lifting others up during challenging times.

The Frello website captures the essence of this community spirit: “Frello makes friendlier loans by pairing those with needs with those with means. Connecting peers and helping each other.” 

As Frello gears up for launch, Chris shares his excitement for the project’s potential to revolutionize the investing industry. The Beta is set for the first quarter, with a wide app store launch scheduled for late summer. Frello promises not just a financial platform but a transformative experience that combines technology, heart, and a shared commitment to making lending and borrowing a friendlier, more community-oriented endeavor.

Frello emerges not just as an app but as a promise—a promise to revolutionize the way we navigate financial landscapes, one friendlier loan at a time. With Chris Harder’s vision at the helm and Matt Marek’s knowledge of leadership and technology as the guiding force, Frello isn’t merely reshaping the lending game; it’s rewriting the script on community-driven financial support.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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