Chad Ehlers: CEO of Chad Change Movement Uses Influence to Make the World a Better Place Through Charitable Endeavors

Taking the famous TikTok app by storm is Chad Vincent Ehlers, who has won many people’s hearts in the digital space for his fun dancing skills and his exceptional positive outlook in life. As a father who stands as a support system for his young daughter who is battling leukemia, he has inspired many viewers to rise back up to their feet and continue staying strong for their respective battles in life. Today, the rising influencer takes his influence to the next level, using his network to spark the Chad Change Movement and raise funds for charitable causes for the community.

Chad Ehlers, best known as Master Creator or “Da_Chad” on various social media platforms, is a fast-rising social media personality whose popularity first emerged on the music app TikTok. A nurse by profession, it was only a little over a year ago that Chad began dancing on the famous app. Seeing how the app was quickly taking the global social media industry by storm, he made a bold decision to leave his professional career as a nurse and become a full-time social media influencer. Since then, he has served as one of the most inspirational and positive influencers in the digital arena. 

While most people always see Chad as a person with a billion-dollar smile, this content creator has had his share of loss and tragedy. After losing his previous wife to suicide fueled by depression, he is now facing the battle of his two-year-old daughter against cancer. But for this man, what defines a person is not a person’s past or present situation. “It’s what they can do for another individual’s future. All tragedies can have a positive drive. You just have to find it,” he expresses.

Today, Chad Ehlers stands as a new-generation CEO whose dedication lies in his advocacies. This Louisiana-born influencer is notable for being the Chad Change Movement founder, a rising campaign geared toward creating change by raising funds for charitable events. What he first established as a small group with only five influencers now houses more than 340 social media personalities across the world. Essentially, the group strives to spread love and positivity to the world by raising funds and hosting charity events. Chad Change Movement consists of around 19 groups with different support systems broken down into leadership groups and mentorship programs. The groups are committed to helping people dealing with cancer, addiction, bullying, abuse, and many more. 

With hundreds of influencers backing him, Chad Ehlers has blown up sponsorship deals overnight. Though the movement he sparked, he has made over $3,000 in only an hour, which he completely turned over to charity. Recently, they have raised over $8,000 for Autism Speaks. Even more notable is how this fundraising team takes no percentage cuts in the funds they raise, giving 100% of the accumulated money to people in need. Working coherently as a team with a unified vision, Chad Change Movement is making enormous strides in various industries, even creating promotional groups that share content worldwide in a very unique and effective way. It is safe to say that every sponsor’s dream is to find influencers with this amount of reach. 

Chad Ehlers prides himself in carrying an “army” that is always ready to stand up for others and extend their helping hands to make the world a better place. 

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