CEOhhhhh Southernality’s Brandi Snyder

CEOhhhhh Southernality’s Brandi Snyder
Photo Courtesy: Brandi Snyder

There’s nothing better than being your own boss. Just ask Brandi Snyder, CEO of SOUTHERNALITY™. We’d call her a triple threat, but that would not do her justice. Being a model, a licensed tattoo artist, and a CEO only covers a portion of what this serial entrepreneur is actually capable of. She’s a self-proclaimed multitasker with multiple businesses under her belt, and we’d say she knows a thing or two about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. To be honest, we don’t know how she does it all, but she’s doing it, and she’s doing it really, really well.

Brandi’s current venture has been the relaunch of her country-living lifestyle brand, SOUTHERNALITY™. They have just released their first blend in a line of handcrafted, whole-bean coffees. The Camp Blend – a deliciously smooth, rich, dark roast coffee is available now, along with the long-awaited southern-comfort cookbook, SOUTHERNALITY ™ The Cookbook. The brand has expanded into handcrafted knives, tableware, and men’s and women’s apparel. But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves – this isn’t Brandi’s first rodeo, and we’re sure it won’t be her last! Maybe we should start from the beginning.

If you are one of her 1 million social media followers, then you might remember her country music website, UWANTCOUNTRY. It was the best place to find the hottest country music videos and sit-down interviews with all the top country music superstars (it then later evolved into its very own podcast). One-on-ones with top artists like Tyler Rich, Michael Ray, and even Brett Michaels – yeah, that was her.

 Soon after, in 2010, she founded her photography company, Lavish Studios; it was (and still is) highly sought after for content and lifestyle publications. Then, there’s SOUTHERNALITY™, originally created as its very own liquor brand produced and distilled in Louisville, Kentucky. Their signature launch was the clear-flavored Maple Bacon Moonshine. SOUTHERNALITY™ has since evolved into the full-on lifestyle brand we were telling you about earlier, and it’s continuing to grow.

Not long after, Brandi created Lavish Beauty, offering services like microblading, ombre brows and lip blush. Being a longtime licensed esthetician, it was another passion project that quickly took off. It became the go-to spot for all our brow, lip, and microblading needs. Clients from all over the country have been flying into Orlando for their opportunity to have the perfect brows. She also offers private and group training sessions to become certified in her specialized techniques and personal process.

“Lavish Beauty has always been one of my most successful endeavors. And, honestly, I don’t know if I’d ever stop running it. I’ve always loved all of my businesses, and I will never do something that I’m not 1000% passionate about.” Brandi continues, “You can’t have a life you love without a lifetime payment of passion!” As you know, with brows and lips comes makeup and beauty, and that’s how her luxury cosmetics line, Taupe Cosmetics, was born. She later sold that company and moved on to create HABIT Magazine, a high-end men’s entertainment magazine. It was the hottest publication since the iconic Playboy was released in the fifties, only this time, it was created and run by women. Being a longtime published model led her to own her very own magazine. Now, that’s what you call taking charge!

Her eye for detail is unmatched, and she somehow makes sure everything she touches turns to gold. “I really love the creative process of building a brand. It’s probably my favorite part,” says Brandi. “I’m extremely detail-oriented; every last detail of the brand is personal to me. Each one of my companies is unique, and it’s truly a labor of love for me.”

The business mogul encourages young entrepreneurs to work hard and enjoy the ride. “The journey to success is never easy, and most of the time, luck isn’t enough – you need to work hard, intensify your focus, and multiply your motivation. Create some life goals!” Brandi says matter-of-factly and, well, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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