CEO Lynnette Boyd O’Grady Leads Nettie’s Global in Transformative Land Joint Ventures

CEO Lynnette Boyd O’Grady Leads Nettie's Global
Photo Courtesy: Lynnette Boyd O’Grady

By: Mae Cornes 

London, United Kingdom — Lynnette Boyd O’Grady, also known as Nettie, is a Multicultural Fashion Model, an experienced Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Analyst, private investor, and Entrepreneur who has officially launched Nettie’s Global Property Investments Pty Ltd and Group of Joint Venture Partners (Nettie’s Global) in the UK and Asia Pacific.  

Bringing over 25 years of international property investment expertise, she matches Joint Venture (JV) Partners with everyday landowners, developers, and investors looking to complete property projects together through Netties Global joint venture connections.

With a successful history of working in the banking and financial services industry, as well as a keen interest in property developments, Netties latest venture culminates her vision for transformative and strategic investment, helping land owners pay down their mortgages faster by sharing burdens as well as profits and connecting people for joint ventures. She offers many property investment strategies and opportunities with her fully engaged global team.

Nettie’s Global connects land owners, investors, and developers. The company’s focus on joint ventures with international private investors and developers, particularly in the Asia Pacific, Ireland, the U.K., and Europe, positions it as a leader in the sector.

Our mission is to help landowners achieve financial freedom and turn dreams into reality,” says founder and CEO Lynnette Boyd O’Grady. “We are committed to creating value through strategic asset allocations and fostering successful outcomes for our business and investors. Put simply, Netties Global helps everyday land owners pay down their mortgages faster by sharing their burdens through joint ventures.”

The company’s launch comes when the U.K.’s real estate sector is witnessing significant growth. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and economic uncertainties, the demand for residential and commercial properties remains strong, particularly in key regions like London, Manchester, and Birmingham. 

Nettie’s Global capitalizes on this trend by offering a diversified portfolio that includes townhouses, boarding houses, custom-made luxury homes, and commercial properties with retail leases. The purchase and the sale, the management to provide for long-term success through joint ventures. Nettie’s Global is committed to finding the right investment property for its clients to pave the way for a successful outcome. 

Nettie brings a wealth of knowledge, including client onboarding at Goldman Sachs Investment Bank, and a strong background in law and marketing. Her global paralegal, stock broking experience, and accreditations in banking and finance, as well as Agile IT scrum master managerial skills, further solidify her expertise in managing connections, matching the right people together as well as complex investment portfolios.  

Nettie’s asset value sits at $12 million, with JVs over $50m composed from a modest investment of £20k in 2003. A true rags-to-riches story, from independent hard work and drive, Nettie is a true self-made multimillionaire who is highly respected and recognized in the high society circles of the UK and Asia Pacific.

Nettie’s Global is dedicated to staying ahead of market trends and maximizing investment returns,” Nettie observes. “Our approach is centered on thorough research, global securities, and real estate sales purchases and joint ventures, ensuring that we remain a trusted and leading name in the property investment and trade sector.

Visit Lynnette Boyd O’Grady’s page to learn more about Nettie’s Global Property Investments Ltd and Group of Joint Venture Partners.


Published By: Aize Perez


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