CEO Kris Adams of DDA & Associates, Helps Organizations and Local Governments Build Effectively for Future Implications

The pandemic has isolated individuals and entities that have historically worked in face-to-face transactions. Local government entities such as permitting offices and county clerks have adapted technological solutions to reduce or eliminate these interpersonal transactions in the interest of public safety. In the same manner, localities should also adapt to compete for economic development opportunities through modern and streamlined processes. DDA Associates is committed to helping organizations and local governments build coalitions that would bring the best value for their constituents and audiences. Our company has helped countless forward-thinking communities identify and capitalize on relationships to serve others today and in the future.

DDA Associates was founded by Kris Adams and Geoff Diaz. We connect local governments of all shapes and sizes to opportunities and services that would otherwise be inaccessible or cost prohibitive. Throughout the pandemic, DDA Associates has focused on building opportunities for enhanced broadband connectivity and enhanced public safety, addressing two of the most in-demand but inaccessible services highlighted by the pandemic. We also provide public relations services to ensure constituents are aware of the enhanced value they are receiving for their tax revenue. DDA Associates also provides feedback to state and local officials on the practical impact of their legislative and regulatory actions.

“We believe that local governments and municipalities should have access to the best services, at the best value for their constituents,” Diaz said. “We build coalitions based on needs like identifying funding opportunities and making connections with service providers,” He added.

DDA Associates is committed to working with any town, city, or county government working to optimize its resources to provide the best value in public service. To ensure that efforts are correctly mobilized, the company collaborates with Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers, City Managers, and elected officials from the municipality, city, or county they represent.

“The scope of our practice and the diversity of our collaborative partnerships around the country allow us to facilitate unique opportunities on a scale that is often not cost-effective for similar firms,” Adams explained. “We have access to more technology, especially in the broadband optimization space, than any of our competition. We identify the most cost-effective ways to add defined value to local governments and leave them more empowered to create prosperous and sustainable communities.”

“For more than a decade, I have built coalitions between governments, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and other stakeholders throughout the United States. In that process, I identified a disturbing common thread—localities consistently lack the institutional knowledge and established processes to procure services in a way that provides the best value for their constituents,” Adams shared. “Far too often, these communities have an antiquated system with pre-approved winners for proposals. This leads to rampant mismanagement of taxpayer funds, mistrust of local leadership, and loss of opportunity for growth and prosperity.”

Adams further emphasized that systemic collaboration is key to solving the most vexing community challenges in the 21st century, processes that bring stakeholders more value.


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