Celebrity wealth educator, credit repair expert, best selling author and serial entrepreneur Sunshine Smith-Williams, launches a financial academy to empower entrepreneurs and business owners.

Today one of the largest running scams is credit repair. From the larger commercial firms and agencies, that manipulate desperate consumers by charging a monthly fee. Then drawing out the process as long as they can to collect as many fees as possible. Some customers go 9 to 10 months without any results. Ultimately finding themselves in the same position with a new monthly bill. Until they get tired of paying and cancel their membership. To the smaller independents who market their services via word of mouth, social media, and other platforms. These types usually promise unattainable results and if they are possible, their methods for achieving them usually aren’t legal. This can put you in an even worse situation.

Sunshine Smith-Williams expresses to us that credit experts should not only repair your credit, but they should also counsel you on how to use it, understand it, protect it, manage and build it moving forward. After seeing Testimonials from over hundreds of clients, Smith-Williams is not your average credit specialist; she is a one stop shop for all the financial needs. She is not only a game changer, she’s a life changer!

Smith-Williams is no stranger to a rags to riches story line. Growing up in impoverished communities and lack of resources she found herself wanting a way out, and for her that meant financial freedom. Smith-Williams found her way out by empowering herself and others with education of financial literacy. Her online academy Wine and wealth launched during the global pandemic, but her firm Sunny legal Realty llc, has been around for over a decade servicing community leaders, activists, entertainers, pro athletes, white and blue collar workers.

It’s no secret that Sunshine Smith-Williams has earned her right to say she is one of the number one go to wealth educators in the financial industry. Trust and results have never been a problem. With public testimonials ranging from a ray of prestigious clients such as Marvet Britto, president and ceo of Britto Agency, an award winning global brand strategist who is also a CNN/MSNBC commentator and Tony nominated Broadway producer to the likes of Sir John Barnett, one of the world’s leading makeup artists who has worked with Beyoncé for a decade and lifestyle contributor of L’Oréal Paris brand.

Sunny legal Realty llc. partnered with Wine & Wealth academy to launch a series of courses, seminars, and masterclasses for ages 7 and up. The financial programs were created and dedicated to education on financial literacy and helping clients who suffer from poor credit choices. Wine and Wealth has recently launched a new course for aspiring entrepreneurs to build sustainable equity and growth for their small businesses. A course geared towards business formation and business funding is the highest priority for new participants. Smith-Williams came up with the idea after realizing her firm Sunny legal Realty llc., doubled revenue with their business formation packages. Smith-Williams shares that “starting a business is an entirely different entity than building a business.” Many entrepreneurs struggled with their current business, so she became innovative for her clientele and helped them start additional businesses to diversify their financial portfolio.

Smith-Williams created “Minding The Business That Pays Me Course”. This course is designed to provide small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs a wealth of information that will provide business formation, business development, business funding and partnership opportunities for their customers. Although the course is set to launch this June, Smith-Williams knows seats will become limited. Following covid guidelines and ensuring safety is first priority. The academy is offering special discount codes and mentorship for those signing up now.

For more information about this course or future financial workshops please log on to www.sunshinesmith-williams.com or www.wineandwealthacademy.com and subscribe.


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