Celebrity Dog Trainer Ryan Matthews is a Highly Sought After Dog Trainer Who Is Changing the Way Humans Connect with Dogs

Celebrity Dog Trainer Ryan Matthews is a Highly Sought After Dog Trainer Who Is Changing the Way Humans Connect with Dogs
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How a dog behaves is a direct reflection of the time, effort, and training humans put into them. Cultivating a healthy relationship between dog and human is possible through developing a better understanding of a dog’s needs, especially regarding leadership and creating a positive environment. 

Ryan Matthews of World of Dog Training is a dog trainer who has created a unique, balanced approach to dog training. His approach comes from a place of intuition and spirituality so humans can become more emotionally attuned to their dogs.

Ryan started his career with dogs in 2002, training military working dogs in the army. Since then, he has developed his career by studying the psychology of dogs. He has researched how their brains are wired, how they solve problems, and how they approach situations with an attitude of “anything is possible.”

The skilled dog handler has not only worked with influencers and celebrities such as LiverKing Brian Johnson, Cynthia Erivo, Amber Diamond, Cole & Kelsea Moscatel, and Michie Peachie, but he also has experience working internationally with the Secret Service and Special Forces. Three years ago, he was also chosen to present his story on the TEDx stage in Los Angeles, California. The TEDx talk is titled ‘Overcoming PTSD using dog training techniques.’ His second TEDx talk, titled ‘Let’s Treat Each Other More Like Dogs,’ is about the reminders that dogs give us about how to live an optimal life.

World of Dog Training teaches people to read their dogs and their body language. Ryan states that dogs communicate about 90% nonverbally, just like humans do. For example, one dog will yawn or shake, and the other dog next to it will do too. Ryan teaches people to pick up on these “mirroring” cues and helps people to access that power through his trainer program.

The “business in a box” style program, which allows trainers to become certified, includes marketing support and hands-on training experience with multiple dogs during schooling. Ryan also teaches them sales techniques and provides monthly support so they can be fully confident in launching and running their business. The mission behind Ryan’s becoming a dog trainer school is to reduce euthanasia in the shelter environment.

When humans learn how to handle their dogs better, it drastically reduces the number of dogs euthanized. In America alone, there are millions of dogs euthanized each year. According to Ryan, dogs are frequently taken to shelters due to misbehavior, lack of understanding from their owners, or being too difficult to manage. He aims to change this alarming statistic through his train-the-trainer school.

Through deepening understanding and connection with a dog, humans can form a more peaceful and harmonious relationship, step into their power, and lead. This is important because, by nature, dogs are wired to follow, not lead.

Ryan’s proven and tested balanced approach is set up so that anyone who follows the system can be successful almost immediately. Most people generate $10,000 or more in their first 60 days after graduating, positioning Ryan Matthews’ Train the Trainer School as one of the most highly sought-after in the dog training industry.


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