carSHAiR Rolls Out Life-Changing Platform That Delivers Convenience for the Holidays

Financial independence and convenience are two things that the average human being craves. Finding both would be bliss, and that’s what carSHAiR aims to achieve with its car service and investment platform where cars, traditionally considered expensive liabilities, are turned into cash-flowing assets. Here luxury car owners can turn their cars into income-generating assets while renters can gain access to standard, luxury and exotic vehicles.

carSHAiR was established by Greg Martel at the beginning of 2020 to fill a void in the peer-to-peer car share industry. He saw opportunity in providing a superior product and service than market leaders were currently offering. He had used the service Turo for some time and earned hundreds of five star reviews, and from this experience he knew there were massive issues with the car sharing industry. Issues like unpaid insurance claims and little to no verification required for users. The COVID-19 pandemic brought its own challenges and the need for safe and accessible transportation for renters and new sources of income for car owners just cemented Martel’s commitment to creating his own company. Thus, carSHAiR was born.

Since its beginnings, the company has changed lives and created a community around doing things differently. With carSHAiR, people who want a different driving experience or who wish to enjoy the perks of owning a car without as much of the responsibility can find an easy solution. In the process, hosts also get some returns on their cars, assets which would normally just sit idle 95% of the time.

As the end of the year approaches, carSHAiR is set to deliver its services to everyone who needs a ride for the holiday season. Their fleet of high-performance cars from sedans to SUVs to convertibles will help families and friends reconnect over the winter season. Plus, with their affordable pricing, users won’t have to decide between gifts and reliable transportation.

Those who rent can have the peace of mind that their desired car will be ready for them on time on the day of their trip. No switcheroos or last-minute cancellations. Plus, they’ll have the option to use their own insurance (instead of purchasing one through the platform) if the host has commercial insurance on the vehicle. 

But those who want cars should book soon if they hope to find a car for the holiday season. To get started, renters just need to log on via the mobile app or website and get verified to drive. Once approved, renters can browse between thousands of different models, car types, and locations and book the vehicle of their choice. 

What’s next for carSHAiR? After the new year, the company is ramping up its services. With new offices opening in Europe and Canada, carSHAiR intends to keep educating people on new ways to make a living and earn passive income. 

“At carSHAiR, something as ubiquitous as a car can be a tool for self-actualization when in the right hands and with the right mindset. By sharing these ideals with entrepreneurially-minded people, we hope to create a global society of financially-free individuals,” the CEO Martel said.Learn more about carSHAiR on the company’s official website.


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