My Plan Keeper Founder Carla Garcia Transforms Lives Through Her Revolutionary Approach to Financial Management

Carla Garcia
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Many pillars stand as reasons behind the establishment of one’s path. Some are motivated to make a mark to generate wealth or gain fame, while others are fueled by the thought of creating a legacy. In the case of Carla Garcia, her desire to revolutionize the financial realm and impact the lives of many has served as her ultimate driving force. For this reason, she has become a must-watch force in the industry who possesses an unconventional approach dedicated to launching others to greatness.

Since dipping her toes into the industry, Carla Garcia has always served as everyone’s helping hand when it comes to financial management. For two decades, she has been a financial advisor and relationship manager who has broken barriers for clients from all walks of life and has worked for two of the biggest names in the wealth management industry. As she aimed to make significant strides across the trade, Carla decided to break away from her career to start anew on transforming her vision of impacting lives into action. For this reason, she breathed life into My Plan Keeper.

Essentially, My Plan Keeper is a company that handles one’s finances in the most unconventional way possible. Carla Garcia has partnered with different teams of experts across the nation. Some even provide advanced strategies to prestigious private banks to allow her to build an empire of resources and knowledge to guide her clients in the right direction. Each company or expert she chooses must share her values and be a completely unbiased piece of the planning process. The tools and resources are there, but what set’s Carla apart is her approach to the clients and her desire for clients to shift the way they have been planning and focus on safe money solutions, allowing them to live a more meaningful retirement. Simply put, My Plan Keeper assists its clients in building confidence and establishing and implementing plans for their future.

Although everyone is welcome to avail Carla Garcia and her company’s services, their primary targets are those in their retirement age or with retirement as their priority. A lot of people are unaware that retirement is often a challenging phase, enmeshed with the dilemma of either enjoying one’s life to the fullest or saving money to support oneself. Thus, Carla opens the doors of her company to alleviate the burdens of being in retirement. Through her initiative, she hopes to guide people toward achieving financial wellness in the years to come.

Carla Garcia may seem like a busy woman because of her unparalleled dedication to helping others deal with their finances, but she often spends time with her three beautiful children when she is not working. Carla tries to be as involved in her children’s lives as possible because she believes that balancing one’s time is key to achieving success. For those looking to get ahead, Carla has one piece of advice: to work as hard as one can while living life to the fullest and always stay true to their values.

With a long list of achievements in her arsenal, Carla Garcia vows to use the best of her abilities to lend a helping hand to those in need. In the years to come, she hopes to see more people approach financial management in a new way, with a focus on seeking wisdom. In the next few months, My Plan Keeper will be launching a tool that will help the retirement community with planning. 



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