Carl W. Zev Helping Individuals Improve their Life and Business Performance

Nobody wants to live a mediocre life, especially not if it can be helped or managed better. With the right opportunities that exist today, everyone is seeking ways to improve and develop themselves continually. Thankfully, Zev University and Zev High-Performance Training LLC exist to make this happen for as many people as possible. Founded by Carl W. Zev, a tested, trusted, and seasoned entrepreneur, Zev University is a life coaching, sales training, and motivational speaking firm in New York City.

Under Carl W. Zev’s leadership, Zev University focuses on positive attitude and mental toughness. The firm teaches its students how the subconscious mind works and how it controls more than 90% of humans’ daily actions. For 25 years, Carl W. Zev has immersed himself in experiences and life processes that taught him the exact formula needed to improve a person’s life. He has applied this formula himself in his personal life and business and has seen outstanding results. He created the process called “The Focused Mind,” a form of NLP designed to help people change their lives. “The process is based on real-world life experiences and has helped thousands of our clients with changing their lives for the better. THE FOCUSED MIND deals directly with learning how the subconscious mind can control up to 95% of all human actions,” Carl explained.

Dubbed “New York City’s #1 Coaching Services Health and Wellness Coach,” Carl holds a BA in Marketing from Upsala College and launched his first company, Stokes Bread Distributors, with $500. He grew and managed the business for three years before selling it for $45,000. Right after, he worked as a distributor for Mistic Beverages, supplying companies like Rutgers, Seton Hall Universities, and AT&T. By 1993, he was in charge of a multi-million dollar beverage and bottled water company called Virgin Springs, which became one of the first African-American-owned bottled-water companies on the East Coast. Two years later, Carl negotiated a multi-million dollar bottled water contract with the 1996 Summer Olympics, after which he sold the company to the Culligan Water Corporation. Since he started his career, his fame had spread, and he was in high demand as a consultant for his negotiation, business development, presentation, and leadership skills.

Between 1999 and now, Carl W. Zev ran companies, generated millions of dollars in revenue, and grew companies by hundreds of percentages. The story of how he turned his life around and adopted a winner’s mentality influenced the establishment of his life coaching practice. “We offer visible real-world results within 90 days. No theory, just results. Our FOCUSED MIND SYSTEM is scientifically proven to improve one’s life in one or all four major areas of life. HEALTH, CAREER, MONEY and  RELATIONSHIPS. We have the clientele to prove it,” he said.

With many people attesting to how C. W. Zev has helped them become better, Carl invites more people to “come run with him” and remove obstacles, be their best selves and live their dreams through Zev University and Zev High Performance Training LLC.

Learn more about C. W. Zev on his official Instagram page and more about his coaching program on Zev High Performance Training LLC on the official website.


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