Cal Dental USA and Jones & Sons Enterprises Inc on Service and Success

It is a difficult time to capture success. But, although it had never been easy, the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic certainly did not help the tight competition in the business world. Since the virus has begun jet-setting across the globe, long-time establishments have shut down, and formerly thriving ventures faced unprecedented crises.

Amid this alarming situation, companies such as Cal Dental USA and Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc have stepped forward to further the national economic momentum and secure revenue for their peers. In an exclusive interview, both reveal their story and connection to service and success.

Can you tell us about Cal Dental USA?

Cal Dental USA is among the few which were recognized by the INC 5000 Magazine. It is an industry-leading company racing along with the veterans of Dental Services Organizations (DSOs). The emerging dental company has been tremendously keeping up with the industry. 

Truth be told, having an outstanding team between a highly-skilled dentist, Chief Executive Officer, Dr. John Kim and an adept business personality, Mr. James Jones, the Vice President, gives the organization a clear opportunity to take the lead.

How is the company connected to Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc?

Apart from his service through Cal Dental USA, Mr. James Jones is also a pivotal character behind the Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc. Established in 2018 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California; the corporation is a sought-after agency in business management that introduces timeless solutions to otherwise economically debilitating issues. 

Considering that both are anchored in different industries, what is the common denominator between the two?

A shared similarity between Cal Dental USA and Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc is its commitment to service. As mentioned, both companies are rooted in different industries. Yet, Mr. James Jones’s influence has ensured that these agencies support individuals and ventures amid and beyond the current health crisis. 

Jones and Sons Enterprises, in conjunction with Cal Dental USA, is proficient in promptly determining the dire issues facing distressed businesses and commercial real estate properties and raising the standards in both the dental care and business industries.

What was the guiding principle that propelled these companies toward service?

As a company, we focus on the mindset of creating value for any opportunity; with that mindset, we have been able to drive our team to make an impact. We focus on sustaining long-term, profitable growth with motivation and appreciation for our team by creating a high-performance environment.

How exactly do the companies set the standard and shape their global impact?

Since inception, we have been impacting the workplace and welcoming exponential growth internally and externally to clients and colleagues. This success was triggered by our dedication in developing and implementing real-time solutions and controls and then executing the leadership required to improve performance. 

As a result, Cal Dental USA currently has thirteen dental centers in the United States. Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc, despite being a relatively young company, already has 13 locations and counting nationwide.

Learn more about Cal Dental USA and Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc and how they put forward winning strategies in their respective industries and beyond. Discover how Cal Dental USA sets the standard for oral healthcare on its official website. Follow Jones and Sons Enterprises Inc on Instagram and stay updated as it supports newly-established and longstanding businesses and keeps the national economy on an upward slope.


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