C-Salts™: The Story of Realization and Commitment to Achieving Higher Health Standards

C-Salts™ The Story of Realization and Commitment to Achieving Higher Health Standards
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In the vast expanse of the health industry, one brand potent with a unique character and narrative stands out – C-Salts™. Founded with a mission to provide the world with unique, high-quality supplements, C-Salts™ revolves around facilitating better brain and body health for individuals all over the globe. As a brand that prioritizes family values and cultivates close relationships with its customers, C-Salts™ has forged a unique bond of trust and reliability over the last four decades.

Underpinning C-Salts™ is the relentless pursuit of unraveling the optimal benefits of vitamin C. Wholesale Nutrition’s founder, Oscar Falconi, was convinced of the potential benefits of larger doses of vitamin C long before such views were commonplace. His determination to provide a vitamin C product that was easily absorbed in higher doses, without unwanted side effects, spurred the birth of C-Salts™.

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, while readily available in numerous foods, cannot be produced within the human body. Identified by biochemist Irwin Stone as a key vitamin for optimal health, vitamin C soon attracted Oscar Falconi’s notice. Compelled by published research pointing towards substantial health benefits from larger doses of vitamin C, Falconi stepped away from a traditional career in Physics to devote his life to understanding and promoting the benefits of this vital nutrient.

Falconi embarked on an ambitious goal to create a megadose vitamin C product that would alleviate the issues of poor absorption commonly associated with large doses and reduce side effects like indigestion and bloating. Armed with this objective, Wholesale Nutrition was established in 1970.

Upon encountering an effervescent vitamin C product, Falconi was inspired to create his version that would prove superior in absorption and dosage and reduce unpleasant side effects. This lengthy endeavor spanned several years and resulted in numerous formula iterations. In this pursuit, Falconi worked with Irwin Stone, who was already well-recognized in the orthomolecular medicine community. Through trial and error, Oscar formulated the blend of vitamin C and mineral salts, aptly named ‘C-Salts™’.

Perfecting C-Salts™, however, was not an easy task. Initially, the formula’s palatability was a barrier, and it took yet another half-decade of fine-tuning before Falconi was satisfied with the result. The product also faced skepticism regarding the stability of carbonates and ascorbic acid combined within a single bottle. Falconi navigated these challenges adroitly, eventually transitioning from a two-bottle product to a combined ‘Premixed’ bottle within a year.

Today, C-Salts™ maintains the same formula as perfected by Falconi in 1980. Over four decades, it has gained worldwide recognition and has been endorsed by renowned health professionals, most notably by two-time nobel prize winner Linus Pauling and by Dr. Andrew Weil who hailed C-Salts™ as “The Best Form of Vitamin C.” in two of his NY-Times best-selling books.

As Wholesale Nutrition continues to offer C-Salts™ with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, the brand stands proud with their motto, “Formulated by experts. Backed by science. Decades of results.” It is this dedication to innovation, continuous improvement, and an uncompromising focus on the customers’ health that has propelled C-Salts™ to the forefront of the supplement market. As a reflection of its commitment to customer health and wellbeing, C-Salts™ has earned the affectionate nickname amongst its loyal customers as “The Junk-Free C”.

C-Salts™ remains a family business run by Phil & Erin Le Breton, who have tried diligently to follow in their late Uncle Oscar’s footsteps. Looking ahead, C-Salts™’s future is laden with promise. The brand’s clear focus on integrity, high-quality products, and its commitment to customers ensures the C-Salts™ story will remain an uplifting saga, inspiring and contributing to health-conscious living for generations to come.


Published by: Khy Talara


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