Business Woman & Entrepreneur Mira Tzur Takes Miami by Storm

Business Woman & Entrepreneur Mira Tzur Takes Miami by Storm
Photo Credited to Mira Tzur

It’s been less than a year since relocating from her long time residency in New York , Ms  Tzur  shifted gears and dived head first into a brand new space – Fintech  Platform. Being the CEO of One Circle Productions, it was only natural    for her to accept the position becoming the Vice President of this award winning next gen International based company called TruUniverse .   

Tzur’s role is to expand Tru Universe’s global reach delivering high-quality solutions to new audiences. Recognizing Mira’s vast network and talent for strategic decision-making, was the company’s grand vision.

The statement of  ” Mira Tzur Takes Miami by Storm,“, is not the first time to be flaunted. After “Taking New York by storm” (quoted by Haaretz) on her latest book Anonymously Famous (A practical guide to the world of commercial print lifestyle modeling) and her acting-producing credits.

Ms Tzur is an Israeli-American actress, theater, and film producer, a French countess from the Theraube lineage, as well as a fervent philanthropist. Mira’s diverse pursuits reflect her unique ability to adapt and excel, most hallmarks of her entrepreneurial success.

As a public figure, Mira implements her impressive platform and influences the fortune 500 companies worldwide. Her involvement with TruUniverse, is not only a reflection of her tireless work creating new revenue stream opportunities while establishing quality relationships that last decades to come. 

Success, as seen through Mira’s extraordinary journey, aligns perfectly with adaptation, vision, and ceaseless determination. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that we are all capable of achieving our dreams through hard work, courage, and the willingness to seize every opportunity.

Ms Tzur entrepreneurial pursuit means “always choosing a marathon versus a sprint” , longevity is more important  than short term gratification  , especially when mentoring a team waiting & watching your lead. 

Mira Tzur, symbolizes strength, resilience, and unquenchable passion. Her journey from serving her country as a counterintelligence officer in Israel, to becoming a self-made millionaire business woman in America, is a testament that success is a result of hard work, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. 


Born and raised in Israel, Tzur earned her credentials with Her first career as a musical Théâtre dancer where she received a scholarship from America-Israel Cultural Foundation to further pursue her studies abroad. 

Tzur scaled the heights of success in this highly competitive field while transitioning to modeling, acting and producing. Embracing the wisdom gained from these experiences, she authored the book ‘Anonymously Famous’, a practical guide for achieving a long-lasting career in the world of commercial print lifestyle modeling beauty and fitness which will be coming out in audio version this 2024. 

In 2011 Mira founded One Circle Productions -a full service productions & consulting group, where her recent film “Arugam Bay “directed by Marco Carmel premiered in Israel in the Haifa Film Festival , just three days before Oct 7th war broke out .

This film means a lot to Mira while she is the Exec Producer/Actress in it , it was shot last spring in Srilanka ( a country under bankruptcy) and while the focus is  on love, friendship, surfing ,military service , PTSD Psychedelics , the behind the scene documentary couldn’t be more time sensitive to the current situation in the middle east and Israel in particular

She holds a prominent position in the roster of top American businesswomen.

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