Bubba Dub Cracking Up the Underground Comedy Scenes of Texas

The ability to make people laugh is one of the most powerful skills anyone can possess, and that skill, when structured and commercialized, can be a life-changing venture. Many have built brands and names off of possessing that skill, and Bubba Dub, born Jerry Morgan, is one of those making a killing in the comedy industry while deeply rooted in the underground scenes of Texas.

From his high school days, Bubba Dub has always been known as a man whose presence lights up a whole room. Growing and taking comedy as a career, he has established himself as a comedian who does his comedy in a distinct way that completely mesmerizes his audience. Bubba was raised in Alto, East Texas, and spent his entire life building his skills and ability to make people laugh. By the time he got his first comedy gig in 2018, he had become a well-known name in the underground comedy scenes of Texas. Over the years, his “Snitching on Rogers” skits and other storylines have earned a cult following on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Bubba Dub is a viral laughing sensation who has not only built a name for himself but also caught many celebrities’ attention. Celebrities like 50 Cent, Tekashi69, Slim Thug, and Gille the Kid have used and reposted his comedic videos and skits. Bubba Dub also made sure to crawl his way from the underground into the spotlight by being active on social media. He posts his content on social media and connects with his fans and key stakeholders in the industry. In addition, he has gained massive traction from his standup comedy and improv, with more than half of his fans knowing him better for those.

His style of comedy addresses adult subject matters, drawing inspiration from his Eastern Texas upbringing and social media topics. He has performed with some known names in comedy like J.J. Williamson in Mississippi, Desi Banks in Atlanta, GA, Tone X in North Carolina, and many others. He has also hosted multiple sellout shows, headlined other shows, and opened for noteworthy comedians in the industry. Beyond comedy, he has been an active player in the pop culture world by making a cameo on the 8th track of Pop Smoke’s last album, Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon. His sights are also set on landing movie gigs next year.

With an active team running the show behind the scenes to make sure his career reaches the highest level, Bubba Dub’s only focus is to deliver laughter and spread joy to his audience worldwide.

In a few years, Bubba Dub sees himself becoming a household name and a recognizable brand in the global comedy scene. He hopes to land a Netflix special and showcase his abilities to the world on a large platform. “I hope my story resonates with everyone who has a dream. Don’t give up on your dreams and push yourself to the limit,” he said.

Learn more about Jerry Morgan, aka Bubba Dub, on his official website. Also, follow him on social media via Instagram and YouTube.


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